I like the Zvox but I see that Zvox is releasing a new model in March so I don’t know whether or not I should wait on that. I’ve narrowed it down to these 2 because I know that they will both sound good and the aesthetics of both look nice. On the face of it, this is obvious – under the TV, right? You can adjust every audio setting, and if you add additional SONOS speakers, the app can control individual speaker volumes and even stream different content to different speakers – perfect if you have a multi-room setup. With both these methods, the sound will almost always be downgraded to plain 2 channel stereo. Excellent features for the price, great for multiroom setup. They aren’t as popular as soundbars , unfortunately, and while there are plenty of great models available, new releases are few and far between.

So why would you go for this over the model above? The Zvox SoundBase is a well-built speaker base that is great at boosting the intelligibility of TV broadcasts, but not so great at playing music. You’ve almost certainly used one before. For some reason, this is a product category where prices tend to fluctuate dramatically. We’ve seen the Sounddeck on Amazon before, but it’s often unavailable, meaning it can be tough to track down in the US. What they are, in essence, is an excellent mid range option, and one that is criminally overlooked. Not quite as weighty as the Atlantic Technology base, below, but still. Let us compare Bose Solo 15 vs.

No HDMI, no bluetooth. A subwoofer is specifically designed to handle bass frequencies, while a straight woofer also dips a toe into the mids. This soundbase accepts regular analog and digital inputs coaxial and optical and of course any Bluetooth capable source player can beam its wireless music stream to the which also supports aptX the uncompressed Bluetooth audio codec.

Soundbases require more careful testing than other types of speakers, not just to evaluate the audio quality but also to figure out their load-bearing capabilities. I would guess that the Series II sounds exactly the same. It’s highly dependent on where your furniture is, and your room size and layout – we didn’t get impressive results.

Detailed dialogue and deep bass? With the 3 HDMI inputs seriea would then connect your devices directly to the soundbase, rather than the TV, and use the soundbase as the device switcher. The codec, which is the software program that translates the 1s and 0s, really does a good job of making sure that wireless streaming which can sometimes be a little iffy sounds solid.


The easiest way to do this, quite honestly, is just to weigh your TV using a kitchen scale or look online for the weight of your chosen and double-check its size before you buy.

Try as you might, and no matter how amazing the drivers are in your new base, they are not going to be able to convince you that things are happening above and around zfox, as it would be with 5.

However, it still remains an excellent alternative to the big boys, and a far cheaper one at that. However, that isn’t to say Canton have done a poor serjes. Ultimately, this is an effective, if somewhat dull, budget option. However, we despise the front panel, which is nothing more than a frustrating display of lights that are utterly inept at communicating information.

The AB40 is an excellent entry, with some seried blowing sound for the price — not quite full surround, but certainly a passable impression of it. ZVOX to help you decide what to buy. This system has me very interested lately since I’m getting ready to finish my basement.

If you live in an apartment, especially zvos with a small living room, then a full surround sound system is most likely a no-go.

The bass is far better than what the TV can ever muster, and I’m often surprised how much bass those dual 4″ woofers can output. A sound base is there to offer a step up from a traditional soundbar: You can adjust every audio setting, and if you add additional SONOS speakers, the app can control individual speaker volumes and even stream different content to different speakers – perfect if you 6770 a multi-room setup.

Either way, seris would always argue in favor of additional low end, which we feel anchors the sound. A soundbar is a much better option, and will pack everything you could possibly need into one convenient, slim box. Sort of… What We Like: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. In terms of connectivity, its specs are smartly put together. The high frequencies are adequate, but it could do better with some dedicated tweeters, which this unit does not have.


This is pretty much all you xolo for an easy connection with any device lacking HDMI. However, Bose Solo 15 has a universal remote that allows absolute control of your TV devices. A good solution for sseries rooms. This means that they often integrate subwoofers, and can have larger overall drivers.

You may have come across the term woofer, which is used to refer to a speaker designed to put out low end frequencies. In addition to featuring two pairs of analog inputs RCA and 3. Wattage zvxo actually less important with soundbases than it is with other pieces of audio equipment, like, soolo example, floorstanding speakers. One of the things that traditional home theater systems can do that sound bases definitely cannot is surround sound.

If you use our links to buy, we may get a commission. Source selection is made easy by the included rather-well-thought-out wireless remote.

Bose Solo 15 Vs ZVOX – YourMediaShelf

The weight rating is flat-out impressive – any flat panel TV of up to lbs is supported and that beats pretty much any other soundbase on this list. I am open to other suggestions though. They are far more popular than soundbases, and 155, easier to find. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.

Best Sound Bases for 2019

A base may or may not be able to do this, but for safety, many manufacturers include a subwoofer in the casing itself. Good bass, good Bluetooth. It lets you connect additional, smaller speakers — as long as they are from the same manufacturer, of course – and in addition, to do it wirelessly. We adored the original Raumfeld Sounddeck, and still use ours regularly. Yamaha make some excellent soundbases.

Every home needs a solid base.

No HDMI, which may be unfamiliar for some. But ZVOX promises a better sound output by having three built-in sub woofers.