Let me now tell you about the SoundPuddle project. Only one of the ports is writeable, though. Plans for the future: Posted by Unknown at 5: I’m not explaining something here – it’s a challenge to your intellect and HDL knowledge I’ll just say “data cache”, hopefully someone will question how is it possible. Is it possible to implement more than one UART through the same cabling? You can find more on the release notes and join in the discussion there!


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zpkino Refer to the GPIO section for more details. Pins can also be addressed using the standard Arduino convention of using a number. The FFT code was entirely done in assembly code a whopping bytes!

Just to let you know that there will be some changes in HDL repository. Paste the following code into the new sketch include “VGA.

Then the argument is subtracted from the color until it again reaches zero. Zzpuino In, Walk Out Colossus-al! To do this hold down the left shift button while pressing the Upload icon. Here’s a complete list of steps to follow:. Maybe Dave can make a breakout board? The current “master” branch, which is from 1.



The program starts as most do with a set of definitions. The second phase relied on hardware design.

Extending the ZPUino

The ZPUino architecture incorporates 16 slots that can be populated with peripherals. This is a new beginning for Soft Processors on the Papilio and the first step in making Open Source System on Chip designs as easy as using an Arduino.

Some people have been asking me to write better examples on how to use it, so I decided to give it a quick shot at zpuini very simple one yet powerful. For one reason only: The part is extremely small. But the real advantage of the ZPUino is being able to extend it zpuinno attaching new peripherals to the core processor in the VHDL description.

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That may sound pretty complicated, but most of these steps only have to be done once. Watch Presentation in PDF format. I got bit by this same problem.

Now it’s just a matter of writing the software for accessing the new peripheral. Here are the resources: Posted by Unknown at 5: However zpulno source code I have does not appear to be the same as you describe.


Wednesday, October 17, Judge for yourselves. You can see it here: The ZPUino project started back in and published first alpha release in December the same year.

ZPUino – Gadget Factory

Well, something simple, but something very complex: Data transmission and reception is done through the data register located at address 0. The PPS is basically a collection of multiplexers that allow any one of N outputs to zpuiho attached zppuino any one of M pins under software control. It contains all of the Wishbone peripherals that will be useful for a specific task, such as VGA output. The fixed, limited stack prevented us from running more complex applications.

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UART at 0x, irq 1 brd: Mounted root ext2 filesystem readonly on device