A malformed launcher packet could crash the client. Large repositories, old repositories, or crappy network links will make you love that characteristic. Certain effects in SetPlayerProperty were not working as intended online. Last edited by Springy on Fri Aug 24, Recent changes Special pages About. Posted August 27, Under some circumstances clients mispredicted the amount given by ammo dropped by monsters.

zandronum 1.0

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Newly connected clients were not properly informed of certain properties of players and other actors.

You can use it with Git and Subversion repositories. The server sent broken launcher challenges to the clients if timelimit was smaller than one and bigger than zero.

Coop with teams, LMS with spawned map things an almost unlimited number of big and small fixes for things that have been plaguing Skulltag for ages for instance the weapon synchronization is completely redesigned, putting an end to many of the problems inherent to the old system 64 player support reduced monster bandwidth usage auto return system for the Terminator sphere and the Hellstone, making Terminator zandronuj Possession finally playable on all maps “unblock players” flag to allow hordes of players play cramped maps with few player starts much improved Hexen support flexible forward skipping in client demos much better poly object handling online externalization of Skulltag’s resources existing Skulltag mods are still fully supported, but need to be loaded with compatibility wads to supply the Skulltag assets Also shipping with this version is Doomseeker 0.


The is a major milestone for various reasons.

zandronum 1.0

Adding a bot in a team game on a map with a team selection room could crash the game. When a player turned into a spectator, he didn’t lose his medals and the current medal progress wasn’t reset. Newly connecting clients were not informed about non-standard death states of corpses already on the map.

Sign In Sign Up. Select all We are proud to announce the release of Zandronum 1. In the absence of clear consensus, these were combined into zanddronum portmanteau. forum

The long development time allowed us to make truckloads of changes to the engine. Hopefully pushing will work too. I was seriously not impressed by hgsubversion’s lack of handling svn zandronuk, but git-svn seems a lot smarter to me. Log in Create account. Offline, the player could join in progress survival and survival invasion games with the “join” command and in progress teamlms games with the “team” and “changeteam” commands.

zandronum 1.0

Players could get medals from spawn telefrags. This version is more of a bug fix release, so there isn’t much new unless you were still using the ancient version shipped with Skulltag. Medals weren’t announced on spied players. If a player fragged another player during the first two seconds after the map was started, that player got an incredible medal. What was originally intended to be a small bug fix release grew into much, much bigger proportions.

Mercurial is better because it has a crazy plugin system. Under certain circumstances after a monster was resurrected, it did not get reset when the map reset.


zandronum 1.0

The long development time allowed us to make truckloads of changes to the engine. You have 30 minutes to make a map – post your results! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Zandronum Released – News – Doomworld

Man on the Moon. Newly connecting clients were not properly informed about the current state of dehacked actors. I prefer Mercurial because it has better Windows support than Git at least it was like this when I switched to Zanndronum.

Opening the “Configure server” window in the Windows server console rounded the timelimit value to integer.


If all weapons except for the ones from the default inventory were forbidden by lmsallowedweapons, clients stared online with no weapon in hand. This ensures that using a player name in zandronhm string doesn’t affect the color of the string after the player name. Savegames didn’t retain the multiplayer emulation state. Torr, I forgot to mention to you that it doesn’t look like changeset fc52 was tagged as 1.

Zandronum Leading the way in newschool multiplayer Doom online Skip to content. If you need help, advice or similar, feel free to send me a PM. If it’s of ridiculous scope and of suicide-inducing complexity then it’s the thing for me.