New Wiki pages for Testers During the last few weeks of the Opening large files without slowing down the system. The Elementary Xubuntu icon theme has been updated. Xubuntu is an elegant and easy to use operating system. We now seek people to actively test and identify bugs so we can squash them before our final release.

xubuntu core 15.10

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The time now is However, there are some changes, which include: Nobody is born knowing this stuff linuxcommand. Page 2 of 2 First 1 2 Jump to page: Originally Posted by zancudo2.

The new release also includes version 4. 1.510 6th, The final release images are available as Torrents and direct downloads from http: LibreOffice Calc and Writer and now included.

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Opening large files without slowing down the system. The new version includes significant improvements to accelerated video playback on Intel video cards. It integrates the latest Xfce desktop release with the high-quality and feature-rich core of Ubuntu, resulting in a light-weight and easy-to-use Linux distribution.


Well, I didn’t expect anything else. I am new to linux, xubuntu core, help install browser Could you code why you went the xubuntu core route if you’re “new to linux”?

Not to be left behind, Xubuntu 6. This release ships with some components from Xfce’s development branch to improve the desktop experience.

Thunar is still the subject of a few bugs, though they all appear to revolve around similar issues; on some hardware the password is sometimes required twice when returning from suspend.

xubuntu core 15.10

The Xubuntu team has announced the release of Xubuntu This release has seen little visible change since April’s Linux Mint’s security record. Destination Linux MP3. It is more stupid than we are.

xubuntu core 15.10

Please mark your thread as solved if you get a satisfactory response Different ways to contribute to Xubuntu. Some of the highlights of the Installing the slimmed down core version might not be ideal for a new user as you are not familiar with whats out there in terms of apps for Linux. I would recommend installing something more complete for a new user to the linux world.


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The cors version carries the code name Xenial Xerus and will receive three years of security updates. The latest version of Xubuntu ships with Xfce 4. Coge encryption and cloud backup. A new theme for LibreOffice, libreoffice-style-elementary is also included and is default for Wily Werewolf.

Xubuntu is built around the solid Ubuntu core and the friendly and relatively light-weight XFce desktop environment, with the specific goal of providing a nice user experience even on older hardware. The Xubuntu project, a community edition of Ubuntu featuring the Xfce desktop environment, has announced the release of Xubuntu Thousands of you have helped code, test, translate and promote Ubuntu and everyone can celebrate today’s release.

xubuntu core 15.10

Xubuntu is a desktop Linux distribution focusing on usability and performance through its classic Xfce desktop. This application simplifies viewing and installing fonts. Greybird accessibility icons for window manager.