Starting from first move to the last move of a variation, it forms a path. It’s now pretty good when drawing big stones. The major improvement of this version is new stone drawing method, the stones and marks look smoother. All moves that share the same parent move are called sibling moves or sibling nodes. Under interactive mode, you can play the life-and-death problems against computer like a game.


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Print function is also a prominent new feature.


xuanduango When the solver engine is activated, the game enters an interactive modewhich means if you put a stones on the board, the engine will respond immediately, finding the best move for the side next to play.

The search command will search both comments and move node name 7.


Above are xuanxuanvo the preferable levels the solver tries to pursue, i. However, B, I and F, J are not sibling moves, even they have identical move numbers.

Xuan Xuan Go at Sensei’s Library

Game reading and editing enhancements: When we talk about Seki, we usually mean two surrounded goups of stones share at least two public liberties, but in some unusual scenarios, Seki can be very subtle, as suanxuango following.

If other child node is clicked, they become active. Likewise, xuanxuuango current node is L, then H is the active child node of Root. If you want to change the stone color of next new move, just right click on the board, from the status bar below, you can see the color of next move change. Now XuanXuanGo can recognize “Semedori”, or “forced capture”.


Added exporting the board image to Windows Clipboard so that it can be edited in other image processor, such as Windows’ Paint 6. That means the problems don’t need to be fully enclosed by stones, they appear just like in xuanxjango.

If a problem has too many empty points inside the boundary, XuanXuanGo cannot solve it either.

However, such problems are hopeful to be solved in the future version if the algorithm is improved. As I said before, XuanXuanGo solves problems in their original forms.


If a variation need to be add at where there are already child nodes, press Shift key before doing it. Added xunaxuango list” dialog box, to manage opened games 5. XuanXuanGo concerns only life-and-death Recognition results XuanXuanGo provides detailed outcome information for the problem, they are: Added Recent files history dialog box to reopen files easily 3.

Please be noted, the marks should FULLY encircle the problem region, as in above picture, any stones outside will be ignored by the solver engine. So for an xuanxuangoo game, estimated result is usually the game result!


For hard problems, it may take the solver a few minutes to find the solution, depending on how many empty points the problem has and the type of the problem, meanwhile, you will see a progress bar on the status bar and how much time the solver engine currently used. If they are from one side, the problem is called simple-boundary problem, the side which has outer stones is the attacker and will try to kill the stones inside the boundary, the other side is the defender, and will try xunxuango live.


Improved the display of board and stones when xyanxuango counting mode 8. Re-designed the drawing method for stones. You can go back for any steps and play where you think is good, the engine will automatically respond to your move, this means you have the opportunity to play through any xuaxnuango sequence and to get immediate reply from the computer.

When we navigate to the move, the game coordination will be shown, no matter xuanxuanog “Show Coordination” global option is opened or not. Added “Open Containing Folder” for game files. Following picture is the interface of game editing.

Many problems that may take professional players hours to solve can be solved in minutes. The program should have enough Go knowledge to distinguish between inner and outer stones. If you play anywhere outside the problem, the solver engine will treat your move as a Pass, and play its next move.

If the mouse cursor hovers on a move node that has name or comment, a small window will popup to show the information. Unfortunately, XuanXuanGo cannot solve all Go problems in the world.