In Appearance, click the check box under theme list. In some situation or area, user may be required to turn off the radios. We refrained from taking the cowl assembly apart. Obviously, inventory management becomes a key issuethat has to be solved instantly. The micro-SD card slot isn’t as much a slot as it is a tray where you must slide the cover to one side so that it pivots open, revealing the card underneath. Winmate’s specs list a brightness of nits, which is about twice that of a standard consumer notebook. The chip uses 45nm process technology, was designed by TI to deliver excellent ARM as well as graphics performance at very low power consumption, and it’s fully compatible with the OMAP 3 architecture. While our review device came in an attractive yellow and black, Winmate also offers the E in white with light-blue moldings, likely geared towards applications in healthcare settings.

Like all devices with procap digitizers, the E is operated almost exclusively via touch. Press to lock E and if you want to unlock just press to enter unlock page. In camera mode, and press Enter button to take picture. The Android version of the ET has a 2-megapixel front camera and a 5-megapixel rear documentation camera with illumination LED. Enter text from picture: Advanced Data Capture The E handheld easily integrates with other devices for advanced data collection. And right the apps screen. The battery shown in the picture to the right is a rechargeable Li-Ion 3.

E430 系列強固型手持設備

All you have to do is unscrew four small Philips head screws in the back and two on the side, and the backside comes off, yielding a view of the large flat rectangular replaceable Lithium-Polymer battery, the scanner, and the rear camera with its LED illuminator light next to it.

Ruggedness Ruggedness is often difficult to define. Featuring a user replaceable battery design with simple latch system, E handheld can support continual operation on the field without down time. Another argument of the Windows CE crowd is that capacitive touch screens don’t work with gloves on or when it’s wet.


To charge the E, use a cable or a docking with appropriate power supply. With a footprint of 3.

Winmate ET rugged handheld PDA The Android-based Winmate ET rugged handheld PDA may well be the answer for a lot of individuals and businesses who want a device with modern smartphone technology and ease-of-use, but also one that won’t easily break on the job.

This is a well executed design and nice production job. Rugged Design Sealed to IP65, the E handheld is built to withstand harsh environments, protected against water and dust. The replaceable battery also features high capacity at mAh for extended use. One pdx the power button that was not only too close to the function button, but also was difficult to figure out.

Perhaps more importantly, with the ET, Winmate offers a handheld computing device that’s eminently timely in an era where hundreds of million of people now have smartphones, but can’t really use them on many jobs because consumer phones just aren’t built for that.

Before the iPhone, mobile operating systems generally looked and felt like drastically downsized versions of desktop operating systems. One can only wonder what caused Microsoft to keep things this basic for so many years.

Winmate | ” Rugged PDA (E Series)

The Winmate ET can easily connect to the Google store that includes a vast wealth of apps, mags, books, video and music. Other new-era tech includes dual cameras, a micro-SD card slot, speedy In Sounds page you can set when will enable the sounds such as for events or screen taps. With great mutiple wireless communicate design, this product will be applicable to mobile worker, business application, and IT requirements. In some situation or area, user may e4300 required to turn off the radios.

Yet, after all is said and done, it could be argued that for many applications, there’s still nothing seties that provides full and totally reliable interoperability with existing Microsoft enterprise infrastructure while enabling the use of the ubiquitous Microsoft development tools scores of programmers are familiar with. Physical controls serjes at a minimum. User can also use Turn Off program in Start Menu.


Use to trigger the barcode reader for E series Function Key with barcode reader. Synchronizing through a Wi-Fi connection.

Both can do stills and video and they work reasonably well, though this is an area that’s not quite up to modern consumer smartphone levels. In the Alarms page here are 3 alarms you can set. This is the kind of value-added utility software that’s the difference between a device and a tool for the winmqte. It also has a perfect viewing angle from all sides, and there f430 none of the dreaded color shifts that bedeviled older LCDs. The body is made of ABS plastic with rubberized bumper areas and overmolding offering not only an attractive look, but also extra protection along the sides aeries corners.

The device also carries a 4-foot drop spec, and that is also demonstrated in a video on the Winmate website. Protection against full immersion would mean an IP To be honest, the device feels like it would handle a larger drop. In camera mode, and press Enter button to take picture.

This is one of the most exciting rugged devices we’ve reviewed in quite some time, and there should be plenty of interest from anyone who’s ready to start using Android on the job, no matter how tough a job it is.

It was often impossible to type something without inadvertently triggering one of the Android buttons.