I look forwards to your thoughts Jon. February 23, Freeware. If I manually search it works fine, but for a series of 26 show, it’s a bit tedious to find each one individually. Half of the thumbnails are of Concorde and half properly grabbed from the files. You can do both with the WDTV.


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You share from a wdtvhubhen on your PC, which is a folder you share at the OS level. I have a Panasonic streamer which I got cheap. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. When I try to retrieve information about “American Dad! Does anyone have ANY ideas? I’m sorry, I think you misunderstood. What are the advantages of the newer hardware version over the old one. It reads the usb devices fine on screen locally too.

WD TV interface doesn’t use title from generated xml [].


It turns out that my devices were unable to get a wwdtvhubgen of supported modes from my Amp. It’s sees the files and brings the album art just says not supported. The desired movie directories or individual files can be selected using the integrated file browser and the movie is smartly detected based on the folder or the file name.


However I would like to change the theme, and looking at the moviesheets on the wd community they look great.


Don’t Wanna Die Anonymous. I just can’t believe this doens’t work. I am at a loss now. Click to load comments.

WDTVHubGen – Adds Metadata, thumbnails and subtitles to WDTV Live Hubs

My question is, how do I get moviesheets to work on mine? So figured I wanted something designed specifically for streaming. There is a problem with “American Dad! I have checked the settings on the WD and changed everything relating to ‘Audio’. A few days ago I ran the program for the first time in a month or two and it now fails to automatically identify any TV programs.

And its or was fine as I only did it occasionally. Just bought one today and the thumbnail generation is a bit odd. Yamaha upgrade to ??

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Welcome to AVForums on Xenforo 2. Would anyone with a recently purchased WDTV-Live be up for helping me by running a test if I e-mail you a couple of files to see if they play? Then everything is titled wdtvhubgeb using those same xml files. I can’t believe it doesn’t do this. Any suggestions as to what might be going on?



Prev 1 … Go to page. Anyone else get that before? Quick question – I just RMA’ed one of mine due to it not being able to see or detect the contents of a thumb drive connected to the unit on the network. Wdthvubgen for some reason it can’t inform the amp of this fact! Both times it only shows “2 Channel” as being available.

Still using this excellent peice of software, my wdlive hub stil doing its task: