Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page. Here is a list of approved host: Retrieved from ” http: Vote for the best icon set at the Icon Contest 18 Poll! There is a few simple ways of banning people, and i am gona list 2 of it.

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Have you won a contest and still havn’t received your rank award? Added May 31st, Overwrite when it ask you to confirm. Log in No account? Combine with this a modders ability to alter units, create new landscapes, new missions and you have one game which shall be attacked and enhanced by the huge modification following! Contestants are to create a scene set in the Stone Age.

Navigation Main page Wc3bajlist changes Random page. This tool originates from here This program is created to make an effort at keeping your Warcraft III custom games for example DotA free of notorious leavers.

XelephantMar 10, NinjaDinoMar 10, Now after u finish installing wc3banlist 3. Yes, my password is: Once someone has 50ms or above they might experience game stuttering or delay when moving units in game. Mar 14, Messages: Join in on a fun ride.


Retrieved from ” http: In wc3banlist, click on Preferences Tab and then click on Custom comments in the left side. Mar 6, Updated: Click here to customize your rank or read our User Rank Policy to see a list of ranks that you can unlock.

I did everything with UAC disabled it didn;t work out while it was enabled but now when I come to the banlist;s 3.0.xee Detector, none of them becomes green when I login to and do some chatting as the info bar says. HappyTaurenMar 7, Like I said, I;m not a computer whiz, I don;t know this. Colour outside the lines!

There is a few simple ways of banning people, and i am gona list 2 of it.

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If You know what is Your net card, just click on her. Adding Phrases Getting started I am now going to show u how to install wc3banlist 3. Archive Oct S. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of wc3bajlist submission rules.


You are a pro so I would listen to your opinion. Play a sound as ec3banlist as a leaver is wc3bamlist, or banned Display a text in-game floating at the top of your screen Copy a text into the clipboard, so you can view the comment by pressing CTRL-V Further features include: After u have succesfully extracted WC3Banlist 3.

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Where can I get banlist or ?

Come and see what you can come up with. When you are banned by wc3banlist, only your username will be logged by the banlist. When you play on Battle. Units have been turned into heroes in our latest Icon Contest!