He told them that he loved the Pandhawa more than Korawa and knew that the Korawa were evil. These stories are still widely performed in Kabumen, Tegal, and Jepara as wayang golek menak , and in Cirebon , wayang golek cepak. With her magic powers, Sembadra turned Jatha Gini into someone that looked like Sembadra. Bali produces more compact and naturalistic figures, and Lombok has figures representing real people. In the Mahabharata epic, she was considered to be the most beautiful princess.

wayang golek arjuna putra wisang geni

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They have also been subject to the same fate—they have nearly vanished. This in turn made Gathutkaca very angry, and caused an argument between King Baladewa and Gathutkaca. Finally, Sengkuni successfully tricked the Pandhawa brothers into losing oglek dice game where the stakes were living in exile for thirteen years in the jungle.

After long years of life in her small home, her deep desire for this man made her forget that she was a married woman with five children. Another important form of education that is available in most cities in East Java is the pesantren.

Dhukun, Arief [WorldCat Identities]

In the story of Indrajala Maling, princess Erawati was gole, to marry King Jaka Pitana from the Kingdom of Astinapura, but she was kidnapped and went missing for many months. She was the youngest daughter of the King Basudewa from the kingdom of Mandura. Druna still did not believe them, so he went to Bima second of five and asked about his son. Antaga tried, but he could not swallow the mountain, and hurt his mouth, making him the middle child.

Keelermaintains that the superior prestige of wayang kulit stems from both the great age of the wayang tradition and from the unique characteristics of the medium itself. When Dewi Surtikanthi opened the door for Premadi, he saw no one except for a white mouse on her bed.


King Waynag promised to help Pandhawa regain the Astinapura Kingdom during Bharatayuda war in return for their help. Irawan was one of the victims of this bloody battle between the two families. Upon hearing this Bima stopped beating him. He is a half ogre because his maternal grandfather was a giant Begawan Bagaspati.

wayang golek arjuna putra wisang geni

In the ruwatan exorcism performance of the story Sudamala, she was able to become beautiful again when Bathara Guru possessed Sadewa the youngest of the five Pandawa brothers with the ability to read the chants that would help her become beautiful again. The war between the Alengka Kingdom and Lokapala did not stop until Begawan Wisrawa went into battle.

He was so sad, that for many days he did not fight the enemy. Imperfection is expressed by four defects in the physiology of the puppet: Ciptaning then realized that the hunter was actually Bathara Guru. Palasara and Rekathawati, along with her new brothers, went back to the kingdom of Wiratha where they decided to stay.

Before their marriage she went missing from her kingdom for many months. This puppet was the daughter of the king Kunthi Boja from the kingdom of Mandura. Puppeteers often choose this puppet to represent bad characters in an all night performance, therefore one set of puppet may contain more than two of this character.

Wayang kulitshadow puppets prevalent in Java and Bali in Indonesia, are without a doubt the best known of the Indonesian wayang. The stories of the wayang purwa dramatised the events in the lives of the Pandawa brothers Table 1 and, as Brandon9 maintains, in the late nineteenth century, the Solo court poet Ranggawarsita wrote a genealogy of Javanese kings that were said to be descendants five generations of the Pandawa.


This is home to some of the oldest Muslim kingdoms in Java and it is likely the wayang golek grew in popularity through telling the wayang menak stories of Amir Hamzathe uncle of Muhammad.

wayang golek arjuna putra wisang geni

The terms used to name the equipment involved in wayang kulit are all ancient Javanese and do not originate from Sanskrit, which would suggest that wayang kulit theatre was not borrowed from India.

Often modern-world objects as bicycles, automobiles, airplanes and ships will be added for comic effect, but for the most part the traditional puppet designs arjuja changed little in the last years.

Dhukun, Arief

Tak dapat kuukur kebahagiaanku saat tersiar kabar wwayang kau telah menjadi patih agung Prabu Arjunasasrabahu, raja agung itu. For five days, every morning both Citrarata and Renuka made love beside the river, until the sixth day, when she could not find him by the river.

The word “gedog” comes from “kedok”which, wsiang “topeng” means “mask”. King Kresna, the advisor of five Pandhawa brothers asked one of the Pandhawa to go to the battle against Druna, but they had such respect for their teacher that none of Pandhawa brothers wanted to fight him.


Tapi aku tak sanggup sekarang. Badhong Dewangkara allowed him to fly anywhere without being detected by others. Among these high ranked official mentioned in the inscription, there’s a title “Senapati Sarwwajala”, or laksmana, arjuuna title reserved for navy generals, implying he commanded a navy.