Show finally heads back into the ring and kicks Sheamus away from the chairs before grabbing one and blasting the challenger across his back. Ziggler hits Cena with a couple of clubbing blows and he fights Cena down to the mat. CM Punk was just at the start of his journey to truly cementing himself as the best in the world and as the sole babyface in the match, he certainly had a large part to play in making this a success. Ryback tosses Ambrose to the outside and follows. Show heads to the outside and goes under the ring, grabbing another chair, and a second, tossing them both in the ring. Show comes back with a head butt, sending Sheamus back into the ring. Whilst that did take place in this match, the story told was that CM Punk was simply too smart and managed to avoid nearly all of them, which is how he ended up winning the match.

Kane hits Reigns with a couple of running clotheslines, and a big sidewalk slam, but Ambrose breaks up a pin attempt. Sheamus reaches under the ring and grabs a chair, but heading back in, Show swats the chair to the outside. Kofi tries for a roll up, not getting anything, but he scores with the SOS, and takes Barrett down for a two count. Kofi hits Barrett with the boom drop. Well ya know, Mean Gene, we really don’t know what we’re dealing with here, man, and I’m a little worried about locking up here Cena grabs the ladder and waits for Ziggler to stand on the ring apron. Ziggler begins to climb.

Ziggler gets his hands on the briefcase, but Cena is up on the other side and he stops Ziggler with a punch to the stomach.

Watch Team Hell No and Ryback vs. The Shield TLC 2012 Full Match

Ziggler sets the ladder up and climbs it. Del Rio sends McIntyre out of the ring next. And I’d like to use a couple of my own to talk about what is right and what is wrong with the world of professional wrestling.

Kane is thrown into a table in the corner of the ring. And come into my home state that has won every major sporting championship there is! Cesaro slams him tlely the corner, taking him from turnbuckle to turnbuckle all around the ring. Miz eventually gets involved, knocking Mahal out of the ring.


Punk is the most dangerous man in the WWE. In the ring Cara hits Sandow with a hurricanrana that sends him to the outside, then he dives over the top to wipe out Sandow.

Barrett promises that Kingston will be muted tonight by the Barrett barrage. Ambrose grabs a chair and sets it up. Ziggler takes Cena back into the ring and brings the chair with him. The Shield bury Kane under a bunch of junk. CM Punk teply Paul Heyman are shown in the arena in their own personal skybox.

WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs PPV Results – SEScoops

He goads Sheamus to get up, hitting him with a shot to the back. Show claims the smartest thing Sheamus could have done was violate the no touch clause on Smackdown. Tonight, we’re gonna give another tellyy evening they can tell about to their kids forever – the night the Acolytes made Edge and Christian their personal bitches!

Ryback sets both Rollins and Ambrose against a ladder and then splashes both of them.

Watch Team Hell No and Ryback vs. The Shield TLC Full Match – video dailymotion

This match changed the business for the better and was a surefire five star battle with all three teams showcasing exactly why they work so well together. Reckless abandon used to be the direction. Punk says everyone wants an update.

Unvelievable, I’m still in a state of shock right now! The usual elaborate video package opens the show.

Ryback spears Reigns into a ladder on the entranceway. Slater tags back into the ring and takes Brawler down to the mat, but misses a fist drop from the second rope. Rollins catches Bryan out of nowhere and stomps wwd, driving his head into the chair.

WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs PPV Results

Cena grabs a table from under the ring and sets it up in the middle of the ring. Drew McIntyre shoves the other down. Ambrose dropkicks Ryback off the apron and onto the floor. Miz says you can take all the subways, transit and railways, but nothing compares to the train wrecks that his guests are. Cena begins to fade, but ends up swe and climbing the ladder while Ziggler is still on his back holding onto the sleeper-hold.


A few moments later, Cena hits Ziggler with a flying head scisors through a table set up in the corner. Creating tellly moments in TLC matches is never easy, but this match managed to do that with a pair of handcuffs. Cesaro nails Truth with a big right hand. Because of the stipulation being that Cena would leave Raw if he lost, something that was never going to happen, the unpredictability was slightly lost with this one, hurting the match a little.

Ian Carey – February 24, Miz has a mic. Ziggler rolls back into the ring and sets up the ladder under the briefcase. Kane hits Reigns with a couple of running clotheslines, and a big sidewalk slam, but Ambrose breaks up a pin attempt.

Ziggler gets a hold of the chair in the corner and nails Cena wws it repeatedly. Cena and Ziggler lock up. Cesaro with a head butt. The Shield gang up on Ryback, but Ryback fights them off, sending Rollin to the outside. Barrett heads up to the second rope to deliver the elbow drop, getting another two count in the process.

Kane attempts to bring a ladder into the ring, and gets it kicked into his face for good measure. Ziggler goes to the outside and under the ring to grab another table. Ziggler turns around into a belly to back suplex, and five knuckle shuffle from Cena.

Ryback is shown stirring on the outside. Ryback double-suplexes Ambrose and Rollins onto a ladder laying in the ring.