While that may be true, if they are uninitiated let them discover and enjoy the movies before rushing in to tell them they aren’t doing it right. Whenever I watch it, I smile, and smile, and smile. My short synopsis of Big O: Given all that, Ghibli films are not made to support a merchandise franchise, compared to some other kid-oriented movies and TV series. In the Disney version, as this is happening, the miner goes off into a lecture along the lines of “Now, kids, this is what we call the secret of life! Nishi will ever meet and the baron and baroness are reunited. You are all aware of that, right? If anybody feels like discussing, let me know; I’m almost always up for it.

When I heard of the movie, I was like “Wait. I basically never watch anime but I think Miyazaki is a genius in most repects. Indeed, Totoro is a favourite in our household; after the first couple of viewings she aplained the wonder to all and sundry thus: You can also watch in on Veoh if you have the special Veoh Web Player installed into your computer, but it’s subbed. Discovered a few hours ago that Ponyo is streamable on Netflix. It’s everything that’s magical about Miyazaki films, in a neat little 7-minute package.

You are all aware of that, right?

Where can I watch Whisper Of the Heart english dubbed NOT on veoh, and on a video that WORKS?

I basically never watch anime but I think Miyazaki is a genius in most repects. You see, we’re all interconnected!


It was just so depressing and it broke my heart. I’ve watched most of those movies you have listed up there.

There is rather a bit of a difference in tone between Totoro and Grave of the Fireflies though. This post is a completely awesome and b will take the rest of the day to do justice to.

I can get enough trauma in my life. Most of the movie is filled with similar scenes.

Which English dubbed anime are good? Like believing that the Fairies in Bottle Fairy are the split personalities of Sensei-san’s sister posted by specialagentwebb at 9: They’re all great though. It’s one of the saddest movies I’ve ever seen. I remember seeing Spirited Away when it came out. Except, some voice actors are type-cast for a certain role, and it gets annoying and weird to hear the same dead voice for a variety of “distant” male characters.

Lucy Apr 1, at Its like Disney was worried American children might not be smart enough to figure stuff out on their own – or needed to have it explained so they came to the right conclusions.

Pom Poko also known as The Heisei Tanuki War is one of my favorite movies, yet I’m pretty much unable to talk about it without having to fight off tears.

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I love Howl’s Moving Castle. You know what anime movie is good even though it’s not Ghibli? And then take a week off to watch all these movies.


Ebert has reviewed 6 of the 18 Studio Ghibli films released to date, and even interviewed Miyazaki with a bit of fanboy glee. Never read the sequel, but my friend did and she said it was very good. Miftaz Jul 31, at Fill in the blank “Wait.

You can find the Ghibli movies on Veoh: That’s why I recommend Howl’s. I would have loved to see more by this producer, its so sad that he died after making this. Posted July 24, For engliish, what does me in is the wording.

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Kyla Jan 19, at Japanese trailer 1Japanese trailer 2Japanese trailer 3Disney edition trailerupdated Disney trailer YTJapanese video with Chinese subtitles Ponyo, for instance, is dugbed movie you are going to have to accept on its own terms. I’m a big fan of Ghibli, for a lot of different reasons.

The absolute best hart job I’ve ever seen was on some downloaded episodes of the Japanese teevee cartoon Oruchuban Ebichu — every episode includes a little title card at the beginning that explains every pun or cultural reference that will come up in the show.