BUT One must always consider someones els opinion before fighting over something stupid. I finished Paranoia Agent yesterday. Who can forget when he used Gear third against lucchi: I’m sorry that’s just my opinion I will respect any opinion you wish to give, and try to undersrtand it too the fullest. At least animax got something right by including original anime with subtitles cause the English dubbs just seam ridiculous. And I found the full version of the dance. I wonder when we’ll get to see “gear four”:

The deviation is coming, and has already been introduced. D You mean the one that was in 1 ep out of ? Then later discover that Psyren is Japan about 10 years one day. P That was seriously cool. Want Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, so badly watched a clip on youtube. Endless Waltz After War:

We’ve been through this before, I was actually focusing on the fact they’ve psyrn asked to stop not sued, just asked yet they’re acting like a bunch of jerks, as if only they can translate or add text to someone else’s creation. I agree, the haki thing will be next. He does look pretty kickass though. I finished Paranoia Agent yesterday.

Loved every minute of it.

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But one piece once again destroys naruto and bleach in the ratings. I watched it, and found it much more I gave up trying to think during episode 5, but then I have to constantly remind myself not to think. Wonder what it’ll be I just can’t understand why the Wath dub is so hated It’s not just Bleach, it’s every single show If I shouted that out in wtach middle of a fight it would just make me look like a retard lol personal opinion btw: He was my favourite character!!!!

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I thought it was The following is a standard DMCA notification. To me it’s a tie between Brook skeleton with afro and Zoro.

War in the Pocket? Could anyone recommend me a good anime that’s more or less in the green-green humor category? Devil may Cry is also a bit better in dubbed, for me at least. Eden of the East very quick, simplest eleven or 12 eps, but a first-rate story.

I’ve seen so far. Toka itte hajimatta kono anime mo haya ichi nen han. I meant the substitute shingami arc as in the one with the Katana’s that had Eye’s I also miss DB’s Naruto subs, Horrible isn’t too bad, in fact I don’t even recognize the difference since I don’t understand too much Japanese only a word here and there. See, next month my internet contract expires, so I’m going back to MTN internet.

I now finally see where that face icon thing comes from “Laughing man”? Asura Crying Akikan Naruto [Oh!

I like eps where they actually fight more than they talk, unlike certain animes that take a whole season to finish one fight. I was angry that I didn’t have the rest.


Just saw the new naruto ep. I’m waiting for the other “un-aired” episode to download. Another anime like this but which I thought was better is Gantz: I don’t care if it’s old episodes, fillers or wstch O I wonder who’d end up fighting who.

Sorry but I thought the first one was absolutely bland.

Does anyone know where I can watch Sailor Moon English dubbed episodes after episode 47 online?

He says he can destroy Impel down with it I finished Ichigo Mashimaro D Come on Enichi Oda!!! I have a feeling we’ll see them again very soon. Other than that the show hasn’t lost its ‘charm’, I thought it would get a bit dull near the end Animation is very much like the Movie as well as the voice actors, as well as alot of dismemberment.

I like that its not like your typical Anime.

I just can’t understand why the English dub is so hated Atleast Vegeta got an OK voice actor. And well, we thought it was about time to look back and reflect on it, but no, you guys said, “God, a recap episode?

Can’t wait for the movie in