It is believed the bird had become extinct a long time ago. Denbo falls in love with a dandelion, but the dandelion goes away as seeds. Ojarumaru tries golf with Kin-chan, but he can’t hit the ball. Ojarumaru wants to draw his parents, too. The puppy is just like Okorinbou. He begins skipping rope, but it is no fun to do it alone. Maeda to pronounce his name correctly. Ojarumaru and Kin-chan play “Outstare the Opponent”.

But, should no one live in this house? He likes working hard and vigorously. Yoshiko Tanaka goes to Mangan Shrine for stocking. Kin-chan wants to be like his dad and tries to help him, only makes things worse! Then, Kin-chan’s mom gets cold and Kin-chan’s dad prepares a meal for the family with clumsy hands. The other place is too high on the tree for Ojarumaru, the chairman, to climb up. She looks tired of all the works the mother takes care of in the house.

But, the prince does not appear. The next morning, Ojarumaru finds similar beans on the table, which watcj out to be fermented beans. The second special aired on May 3, entitled Ojarumaru: Retrieved from ” https: Honda-sensei meets Kazuma carrying Ojarumaru. When he goes out on an errand, he helps Ojarumaru, Tome and Kame. She almost falls in the pond, but fortunately she lands on a green creature.


Denbo goes to a hot spa resort on holidays. The master, Mike, wonders what is going on today. People can write anything they wish in this book.

Ojarumaru ojraumaru through the Full Moon Road to the present day. The Oni Child Trio attack, but Kisuke falls in a trap hall. Cover of the Ojarumaru calendar.

Ojarumaru and his friends have hard time to hide the three oni kids, Kisuke, Akane and Aobee from Scoop. But, it is a cockroach! He tells the prince that the sweet cakes are as good as pudding.

Ojarumaru loves them and puts them on all over the apartment. Ojarumaru tries golf with Kin-chan, but he can’t hit the ball. He takes Kurumi out of episodess burr where chestnuts brothers are always quarreling. The Oni Child Trio challenge the prince and his team. Ojarumaru offers Denbo instead of the scepter. The doll orders “appludding” at the grocery shop The doll confuses the apple and pudding when Ojarumaru asks it to buy pudding.

Prince Mackaroo Season 1 Episode 1 | I am Ojarumaru | Watch on Kodi

Ojarumaru wants a saving box when he sees Kazuma putting some coins in his. Unfortunately, he trains too much and his body becomes too solid to move!

He invites Ojarumaru to join the exercise, but the prince has no interest in moving his muscles.

Denbo goes away to the resort again and the prince feels lonely. His parents only want him to study so he can become an intellectual aristocrat. Ai is not pleased at all.


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Then, the backpack is broken, ojaruaru Kazuma and Kin-chan rack their brain to find out the best way to carry the prince. A dispute begins between the prince and Asako. The Oni Child Trio run away. He brings a doll for ventriloquism, Ukkun. Suddenly, Mike asks Tommy to take care of the shop and rushes out.

Poverty-chan wants to show off as a dignified god and asks Okorinbou and Nikorinbou to pretend to be watcb servant dogs. Kazuma and Ojarumaru help him prepare the party.

Prince Mackaroo

But Marie tells Denbo not to see Akemi any more. The prince is so tiny and is absolutely impossible to ballet. Upon arriving, he steals Great King Enma’s powerful scepter, which he uses in order to judge the dead. Retrieved August 4,