Regretful of what happened to her? If you are a smoker, take care of your children, for every cigarette your son smokes you will share him in its burden. Apart from that, for those who are interested in online school and colleges can also take benifit from here. However, what kind of clothes will they put on till they do? Add the video to your site with the embed code above. He began to feel anxious.

This fifth story of evil on earth was envy. Then why has Allah associated the trial of women with murder while it may not be a common occurrence? She asked her husband to allow her to try to seduce him and he gave her permission to do so. I will sum up some points for you, and show you how you can be cured from envy:. Cowardice was the main obstacle that made them disobey Musa. That is why I advise the boys who took smoking as a habit from their parents to give it up. So avoid the allurement of women: However, what kind of clothes will they put on till they do?

Scholars affirm that this was not said figuratively, but it was rather a fact that he could actually smell it. I will sum up some points for you, and show you how habip can be cured from envy: Apart from that, for those who are interested in online school and colleges can also take benifit from here. The prophet PBUH said: It happened to Kabil, who could not vision except killing his brother in order to marry his own sister. Our online students can learn religion under the shadow of experienced scholars who are highly professional.

If the creation of Man was in one onlien form, one might say it is due to coincidence or nature, etc.


Posted September 9, watxh My advice to you is to beware of envy. It is not important to know about the way, as much as the cause of the murder. We can conclude from this session that we should take care of women. Reading the translated meaning of the Qur’an can never replace reading it in Arabic, the language in which it was revealed.

Can you tell how many arrows are there in your heart till this moment? That was a point that I know that I should not habio mention without discussing thoroughly, as it is closely related to our story.

They sometimes put on too tight clothes that show the details of their bodies to the point that they are almost naked; tight jeans, bathing suits, revealing clothes, etc. Register a new account.

Only then will Allah SWT forgive you. It is our obligation to remember Imam Hussein because he remembered us on the day of Asdhura.

A question may be raised that not all the stories we have about the wath of woman lead to murder. Report this video Select an issue.

The story is that Eve had twins each time she gave birth a male, and a female. By Allah, try it for one week and you will start to feel that sweetness of faith in your hearts.

A woman is responsible when she tempts a man by being unveiled, or being covered but in fact so revealing. This was the first step to avoid the seduction of women.

That is the story. Some may wonder that we have moved away from the main story of Kabil and Habil. Try to force them away i. Our logic and onnline become one side, and our deeds on the other.


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Have you seen how seduction can be implemented in various ways? He also has prohibited you from breaking your ties with your relatives, from disobeying your parents or being undutiful.

A young man, whose faith was not yet strong enough, accompanied them. The raven is black in color, and is ugly. Answers of questions can be achieved through hadith of Imam. Life is short, no matter how grand we see it.

Are you really dependant on Allah? The watfh might be cancelled as a result of the absence of Allah SWT blessings, due to the terrible sins that took place in that phase.

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So avoid the allurement of women: Never introduce an evil practice; Keep in touch with your relatives and repent for the sake of Allah and not because of the troubles onlind face. This is sometimes done for reasons that are so trivial that don’t deserve this alienation. If I ask the young men present here about the temptation they find hardest to face, they will answer: Here I want to warn you that he who wants to commit an offence, in fact, commits two sins and not only a single one.

How did you allow your fingers to search for them, or your eyes to view them?