The Philippines listen ; Filipino: Gelli is a young lady who is often ridiculed for her physical appearance but finds a way to make herself beautiful through a genie, whom she summons from a magical bottle. Minnie is the elder sister of the young genius named Edison and the special friend of Benson. Suddenly, Kwin’s wish had come true when she saw a butterfly, but later realized that she had turned into a fairy. How will they return to their original state? The song also serves as the program’s opening theme, which was performed by Dulce. It is the countrys largest motion picture company in terms of revenue, ticket sales, Star Cinema has produced most of the highest grossing Filipino films of all time.

Class of “, released in Its first run was from May 4, to April 5, Cara Alessandra De Rossi was born with three heads, her conjoined sisters named Kanan right and Kaliwa left. Regine Velasquez is a Filipino singer and actress who has received several awards and nominations for her contributions in music, film and television. He went to the library and he found out that all the students that weren’t able to return the books that they borrowed went missing too. Will Tonton start to eat nutritious food at the right time when he takes on the challenge of experiencing extreme hunger in order for him to see his family once again?

Maria at Barrio Fiesta, London, June wansalanataym Beginning perhaps with the earliest written documents, mythic and other elements that would come to define fantasy.

Maliksi Morales, Nanding Josef.

She also encounters a cute man who flirts with her looks. With the powers of the fairies, Jessie wishes Irene to become a witch to stop her from hurting boys’ feeling and to learn her lesson. The Philippines listen ; Filipino: Will Buboy realize the importance of animals and insects when he is punished to become a human spider because of his bad attitude?

One time, Tanya’s mother immediately fired their employees without listening to their explanations. Terry has been wishing for her mother to change. Pia, a vain narcissist works as a car sales agent, while Upeng is an ugly woman but kind and has a sweet voice was struck by lightning on the same place and switched their bodies. Jessica Mendiola Tawile born December 3, [1] is a Filipino actress.

She is the granddaughter of Victoria Dayrit-Santos, an eminent businesswoman and Miguel Santos, proprietor of the defunct Victoria Supermarket and Victoria Building in Caloocan and she has two older siblings, brother Jeffrey, an actor and politician, and Jacqueline, a registered nurse. Super K still flies to the skies to patrol if there are any troubles. The couple regularly appear in the Kalyeserye segment of Eat Bulaga!


Mac, is a girl who is always lazy and spoiled, will be kidnapped by a witch named Mirror Ruka, and she will be trapped inside a mirror.

Jing-Jing and the Giant They eat reeds, the giant reed, bulrush, sedges, the water hyacinth. When Mila gives her a magical tablet computer, Era begins to see her mom suffering at work. A statue named Enero Panadero was given a power to help anyone he wanted, but also a curse that he must return to his place before moonrise, or he will disintegrate and turn to dust.

Leny’s spirit enters her doll and starts to haunt her sister. Salvador starts opposite Nikki Gil, Jason Abalos and Jaclyn Jose, while also doing this series, she was also, at the time, also starring in the child-themed series May Bukas Pa, with child actor Zaijian Jaranilla. A man who can understand animal language, was approached by a carabaopleading to find her missing son.

Socorro Malou de Guzman tries to teach her a lesson by the help of a magic pendant. Member feedback about Kristel Fulgar: When Carl got home from hospital, he found out that Karen was no longer there, and his car was just a car again!

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UP Community Broadcasters’ Society. With zpp help of a pixie “Twinkle”, she will make her wish come true. On the day of his birthday, Ian Mark wabsapanataym for his dad to be locked up in their home so he can spend more time with him, but his wish, due to blowing magical candles that grant anyone’s wishes, comes true, and it results in his father ending up in an accident and switching bodies with a dog, much to Ian’s dismay.

A ten-year-old kid named Juan has always wanted to have a basketball court in their garden.

Despite aop the efforts of his mother, Paolo still chooses to play video games and ignore everything his Mom gives him. In recent years, due to the popularity of independent films and these are Sine Screen and Skylight Films.


One day, the germs on his skin attack his mother.

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When she is given a magical image of Greek god Janus that has the ability to show her past and future, Melody goes back to her childhood and changes her own fate. Gelli is a young lady who is often ridiculed for her physical appearance but finds a way to make herself beautiful through a genie, whom she summons from a magical bottle. Other notable works are the adaptations of popular animes such as Sarah, ang Munting Prinsesa and Cedie which incorporates stylish production designs and costumes and was shot abroad.

Voyfie version was used in the revival 9. Joy is a young girl who grew up in an orphanage and who desires nothing but to find a family who will love and accept her. Jingle is a young woman who always wants to be ahead of others. Anime – the channel’s primetime block consisting of Japanese anime programs targeting for all audiences. Sooner she got booted.

He wansapsnataym always reminded by his parents to do come home. One night, Joy meets a TV salesman named Mr. However, fate will test Joey’s kindness as other people who are much in need ask for his help. The friendship will be put to test after they accidentally wasted one wish.

One day, she discovers the secret of a magical flower. This episode is based on Annaliza with herself played by Andrea Brillantes as the protagonist and Arlene played by Kyline Alcantara as the antagonist. But he does it to much. Grace is a young girl who with an obsession for flowers.

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Sarah is a student who has a hobby of cheating on her exams. He started as commercial model under Cosmopolitan Modeling Agency and then became an actor and he was discovered while falling in line in one of the fast foods on his school De La Salle University when a talent scout asked him if he wanted to be a commercial model.

Kulam and My Househusband.