Hi guys New version 2. Tus primeras dudas aqui Presentaciones nuevos usuarios Ayuda, que me compro? Hide Hack By vFCoders. A two-line illuminated LCD display and four buttons are used to control the charger. Motor Brushless o Brushed? You thus fulfil your statutory obligations and contribute to the protection of the environment. Then the memory slot number blinks again.

voltcraft uct 100-6 software

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Peak NiCd Sensitivity D. This protects the battery from overloading. Once the cycle is completed, an audio signal is emitted.

A dual-cell LiPo battery pack charged without the use of a balancer appears to have a voltage of 8.

voltcraft uct 100-6 software

A two-line illuminated LCD display and four buttons are used to control the charger. Always heed the information printed on the battery or the details provided by the battery manufacturer on the permitted charge current.

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Children could attempt to poke objects into the device. You then return to the previous configuration menu. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Guia de compra de Rc.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

The charging process is also different. Que saber antes de comprar coche de radiocontrol? Suitable adapters are available to purchase for the balancer plug.


The product should only be repaired by a specialist or specialist workshop or it might be damaged. To discharge, you can set the discharge current between 0. Use the correct balancer connector, which depends on the number of cells. Proceed as described in chapter Another option is that you can upload an image to the website www.

RCMasters – Exibir tópico – CalcRC – calculadora para los modelos de RC

As such, a charge current of 3. Never destroy or damage the battery, never let the battery fall, do not pierce the battery with any objects. In addition to the battery type, the display shows the corresponding voltage. Gebruik eerst de opslagmodus om spanning op te bouwen alvorens volledig op te laden. Once the charging process has been completed, an audio signal is emitted if the buzzer is enabled.

voltcraft uct 100-6 software

If you do not follow the safety instructions and information on proper handling in this manual, we assume no liability for any voltcragt personal injury or damage to property.


AC power socket 45 9.

For this reason, we would like to provide you with some information in the sections below about the dangers and how you can avoid them, thus helping such batteries to maintain their performance for a long time to come.

The charge current to be set depends on the battery capacity and is usually 1C. With lithium batteries, the cell number must also be set besides the charge current. Type DEC B a tt.

Exibir tópico – CalcRC – calculadora para los modelos de RC

You can switch the temperature sensor on or off. An excess value may overcharge the battery. The charge current can be set between 0. The battery can be charged immediately regardless of its current status.

voltcraft uct 100-6 software

Reproduction by any method, e. Varios y Compras On Line Encuestas.