Previous Topic Index Next Topic. Once that connection and setup is established, the vocalizer will work in Realtime with BB playing accompaniment while you sing lead into the mic or you can record your voice to Audio track and still fire the vocalizer at the right times during playback as well. We have a special forum to discuss the Plugin here: Just try to not make it stick out that you are playing a note in order to sing a note. Looks like there are some 38 presets included in the PG version.

voicelive play presets

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It can do things like select the correct patch, set the correct key, select the appropriate harmony type, add and subtract additional harmony parts, turn harmonies off and on presegs needed in the song at exactly the right place without you having to divert your attention from the song in order to find a pedal and stomp on it As I plan my appearance debut I have often thought about how to manage so many MIDI program changes, and whether to do that by physically initiating each voicelivee, or programming them into a pre-recorded sequence.

And I a meaningful way. User List Who’s Online. And is the only time I could ever really hear what that darned Ovation really sounded like while playing it. So if you want to be the MIDI program trigger man, and you’re a guitar player – what’s the best MIDI controller I would guess it has to be a foot controller that facilitates storing, saving, and visually viewing the many different patch changes you might want in each different song?

TC-Helicon Teams Up with Serj Tankian to Release Exclusive Vocal Presets | Guitarworld

The switch 3 seems a little cumbersome I think the FS-6 will be a little more friendly for momentary activation.


Importing 24bit WAV files would result in noise. Unfortunately, all this rhetoric has caused the OT forum to become more confrontational. Band-in-a-Box for Mac users can download the latest free Build update here. Possible crashes during playback.

They are great for live presentations because they work in real time, and are rack mountable with other gear that you drag to and from gigs. Chicago MusicStudent Veteran Registered: Printing the Lead Sheet was not supported. Now I can keep rockin’ with Band-in-a-Box!! In that sense, it then works the same as if you were playing the MIDI chords or triads into it preets realtime while singing.

I think its also possible to set the midi instruments to use a dedicated VSTi which then frees the port to be dedicated to whatever voiceliive device might find it useful.

Previous Topic Index Next Topic. Lake Keowee, South Carolina. I recommend the voicelige procedure as for learning how to improvise jazz and bebop stuff. But, here is my point: Just try to not make it stick out that you are playing a note in order to sing a note. So with this point of view in mind – I like the idea of being in control of triggering all of those changes myself which limits, practically, the amount I could use without looking like the comical ‘one man band’ as someone said – which is to be avoided at all costs.

VoiceLiveEditor – Download Preset Lister

Faster hard predets transfer rates will enhance the program operations faster time to generate tracks, reduced audio artifacts and offer faster transfer speeds typically up to 3x faster!

But I have no idea what types of harmonies these groups use – it’s done so well, it often sounds like ‘one voice’ I guess that’s the point. As a consequence voiicelive update increases the looping time available in VoiceLive Play to a full 60 seconds, still with infinite overdubs.


voicelive play presets

Sing in the air. I say these things at rehearsals and people just stare and don’t even want nor try to understand. Clear your browser cache and cookies Then close the browser not just the window Open the browser and try again Thank you Please make sure that your profile is up to date. Thanks Mac, appreciate the info on that. Can anyone recommend some Voicework presets that would work best with some of my favorite bands?

And Harmony is not hard, it is FUN. And jazzmandan, I’m going to follow up on your suggestion immediately.

Other Media Files : TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX

Just start with singing the melody notes for a simple song with 3rds, and then use my guitar to find the 3rd higher, and sing along with the proper guitar notes? Anyway thanks for the heads up that it will work.

voicelive play presets

Often, one of the notes in a chord you are playing in the song will be the note you need to find, other times, you can add a fill or run that prewets that note in it plus if the run can end on that note, eh? Membership Required We’re sorry.

Some of them can take an audio input from say a guitar that you are playing, and analyze that and derive the right vocal harmonies around your voice in the mic input.