It was fun and easy. VocaLive for iPad features: App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. The Looper is one of the many useful tools available as an add-on for VocaLive — it gives you a quick and easy way to create up to 4 synced audio loops. From there it’s 4, 3, 2, 1, go! It’s not working with other apps because it hasn’t been upgraded in forever ans the developers obviously didn’t care to take our money and continue to give us what we paid for. Track control The recorder section gives you everything you need for professional audio production.


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Just tap the “rec” icon on the second loop to start recording the next layer when the playhead comes around, and so on.

This then lets you perform multiple types of edits with ease: Other individual track features include the ability to solo, vocalvie, record enable and activate the VocaLive signal chain on a track. Together these effects provide unparalleled creative processing power. The answer is in AmpliTube’s built-in recording features. It’s the perfect sketchpad for new ideas — it’s intuitive interface is designed for easy experimentation and will inspire you to think in an entirely new and loopy musical way.

Mic Room lets you instantly tap into the inspiring sound of many timeless classics.

The effects can be combined into a chain of 4 processors and saved as presets. From this section, you can select audio material by touching on the waveform display. The number in the upper left hand corner indicates the currently selected track. Loop in your creativity The Looper is one of the many useful tools available as an add-on for VocaLive — it gives you a quick and easy way to create up vocakive 4 synced audio loops.


IK Multimedia’s VocaLive 3 app is both an effects processor and a recording tool

Real-time vocal processor and recording app iPad and iPhone versions available 4 processor vocal rig chain 12 vocal effects Live Mode shows you your entire rig at a glance, with all the parameters you need on stage easily accessible Built-in recorder expandable to 8 tracks with simultaneous multi-track recording via in-app purchase Advanced DAW-style editing via in-app purchase Mic Room lets you “re-mike” your IK microphone – choose from 20 coveted studio mics available via in-app purchase 4-track Looper available via in-app purchase AutoFreeze feature allows each track to have its own full effects chain Copy and paste audio between tracks in the recorder, or between compatible apps Import and play songs to be used as backing tracks directly from your iTunes Music library or computer Voice Cancel feature lets you create sing-along backing tracks by removing the vocal track from existing recordings.

The Mic Room feature inside of VocaLive puts powerful yet easy to use microphone modeling technology inside your your iOS device. Plus VocaLive offers an optional 4-track looper to easily create songs, harmonies and more on the fly.

VocaLive includes 5 “Vocal Effects” — Pitch Fix for tuning correction or stylized quantization FXChoir a 3-part harmonizerMorph an X-Y pitch and formant shifter that changes the tonal quality of the voice from subtle deepening to radical gender bendingDe-Esser to remove sibilance from the voiceand Double Double effect gets unlocked by registering.

Compatibility Requires iOS Or connect your favorite 3rd party mic using our iRig Pre interfaces. Developer Website App Support.

IK Multimedia – VocaLive

VocaLive provides singers and vocalists with a suite of 12 real-time professional vocal effects, along with a range of tools to help you practice, sing and record. Layer upon layer upon layer… No matter when you tap to end your loop, your loops will always sound good because each loop is quantized to the nearest quarter note.


But you can also have fun with it and record quick vocapive using the built-in microphone on your iPad or earbuds.


You’re on the go. Finally, what would a master effects section be without an equalizer?

With VocaLive you can process your voice, sing along to any song in your iTunes Music library — its Voice Cancel feature lets you remove existing vocals — and warm up with helpful vocal warm-up tools. Got a quick idea?

Catch a waveform At the core of the studio module is the waveform display section. Using it is easy, it’s split in two display regions on the screen: Then people who vocalove the app couldn’t use half of the plug ins from the update. Now you can trigger loops from the floor, leaving your hands for more vvocalive things, like waving at your adoring fans.


All other product names and images, trademarks and artists names are the property of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with IK Multimedia.

It provides access to a range of features that have been designed to help you achieve sonic perfection.

IK Multimedia’s VocaLive 3 app is both an effects processor and a recording tool | MusicRadar

VocaLive lets you create amazing vocal vocaliive by chaining up to 4 effects processor into a single effects chain, just like you would in the studio. Drag the left triangle to the beginning of your desired loop and the right triangle to the end. If these problems are fixed, I will be the best advertisement I can be for you guys. Once defined, double tap on the green area to activate it.