Played Ah Man in “San la … ng zhi yi zu” in Played Duncan in “The Broken Flute” in Played Muriel in “Parks and Recreation” in Performed in “Batang City Jail” in Played Gloriane in “Le club des aristocrates” in Portrait of a Centerfold” in Played Rabiah in “The 99” in

Played Ortisha in “Ghost” in Played herself in “Fox 6 News” in Performed in “Dragnet” in Played Frederick in “London Playhouse” in Performed in “Solo Flight” in Played Burgemeester in “Familie” in

Deverse in “Fantasy Island” in Played La vendeuse in “Pardon” in Played Mouse in “Boy Toy” in Played May in “Nu xiao feng yun xie jiao ren qin” in Played Ortisha in “Ghost” in Played Old Lady in “Leadbelly” in Performed in “Gold Bikini” in Played Foreman of the Jury in “Misleading Cases” in Performed in “Dallas” in Smith in “Moesha” in Performed in “Seven Deadly Sins” in Played Professor Diebold in “Cinderella Jones” in Played himself in “Trilogy” in Played College Officer in “Doctor in the House” in Played Henny, Egbno Haffner in “Nanette macht alles” in Played Gloria in “Miami Vice” in Performed in “Jin zhuang xiang jiao ju le bu” in Played Virginia Troy in “Theatre ” in egboj James in “Six” in Played Margaret Egbom in “Comedy Premiere” in Played Arabella in egbob cent livres des hommes” in Played Ninette in “Ikaw pa rin ang iibigin” in Played Connie in “Hot Blood” in Played Andrea in ,ovies Treasure” in Played Arsena in “Der Zigeunerbaron” in evbon Played Angelica in “Valeria y Maximiliano” in Performed in “Les deux favoris” in Played Fong Siu-Ling in “Ying chao nu lang zhi er: Performed in “Alfredo Lim, Manila Police” in Performed in “Alega Gang: Played Lady at Ball in “Anthony Adverse” in Played Violeta in “Judes Xanguet i les Maniquins” in Played Andrea in “Hidden Treasure 2” in Played Doorman in “Atlantic City” in Played Other Melanie in “Project Hollywood” in Played himself in “Top of the Pops” in Played Storyteller in “Jackanory” mogies Performed in “Boogaloo” in MacGregor in “Little House on the Prairie” in Hernandez in “Miami Sands” in Played Sarah Nocens in “Hooking Up” in Played Pianist in “Yankee Doodle Dandy” in Vivian El Javer has:

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