Spurious notification for catalog delete events If notifications are enabled and a catalog is deleted, two notifications are sent: Enable text-relocation for the shared library used by the script. Notify me of new posts by email. Ref to a vApp. Virtual Machine Issues Trouble viewing virtual machine consoles with Internet Explorer on Windows Vista and later You may experience problems when trying to view a virtual machine console with Internet Explorer from a computer running Windows Vista or later. If you do not, the vShield Edge virtual machine can fail to start.

vcloud director 1.5.1

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Below is a screen shot of my blocking tasks which is oddly did not show up any pending tasks, although I am sure I had one in there as you can see from the above screenshot.

A CatalogItem element can 1.1 any entity that can be contained by a Catalog. A VM must be powered off while this action is performed in order for it to succeed.

vCloud Director not showing Blocking Tasks

Java plug-in issues In order to upload vApp templates and media to a catalog, the computer from which you are uploading must have Java Plug-in 1. The Org Admin is also an administrator in dirdctor organizations.

Console does not reconnect when a virtual machine is powered on from outside the console window When you leave a console window open after shutting down a virtual machine and the virtual machine is dkrector on again from outside the console, the console does not reconnect to the powered on virtual machine. Else you could have stopped it using the API. When creating a new VMware vCloud Director source from the Source option of the Integration Platform, some specific parameters have to be entered.


In most cases, a client instantiates a vApp template and then immediately deploys it. A powerOff request to a virtual machine URL powers off the specified virtual machine. Click Delete all sites.

The following known issues have been discovered through rigorous testing and will help you understand some behavior you might encounter in this release.

VMware vCloud Director update –

If any host in the cluster is disconnected, the create operation fails. After you complete the script, it updates the information in the vCloud Director database and properties files and re-starts vCloud Director services. Total Disk Capacity MB. This is accessible only by this organization. September 11, at 8: To be sure that it has this permission, open a console, shell, or terminal window and run the following command: A vAppTemplate that meets this requirement is said to be resolved, and has a status attribute whose value is 1.

Console does not load correctly in Firefox 3. As part of the upgrade, the installer unpacks the vCloud Director RPM package, stops vCloud Director services on the server if they are runningand backs up important configuration files.

VMware vCloud Director 1.5.1 released

Upgrade vCloud Director to version 1. The screenshot below illustrates an example of connection details to a VMware vCloud Director source.


Be sure to deploy vShield Edge virtual machines in vCenter clusters that have adequate resources. The device remains connected even if you open a manage device dialog box and leave None selected.

vcloud director 1.5.1

This section provides details on the resource vvloud and attributes, as well as on the link types and their attributes. Spurious notification for catalog delete events If notifications are enabled and a catalog is deleted, two notifications are sent: Gracefully shut down all cells in pool A see KB This to me is the biggest reason to look at upgraded to the new build. A vCloud virtual datacenter vDC is an allocation mechanism for computing resources such as networks, storage, CPU, and memory.

This patch must not contain any references to virtual directories.

vcloud director 1.5.1

Cannot reset an organization network after upgrading from vShield Manager 4. This is was kinda shocking to me at first, as I knew this was showing earlier in vCloud Director 1.

An example of proper path is https: Its important to note though that it work just fine if you initiate your actions as an Org admin or user.

You must revert the changes manually by reconfiguring the vApp.