The figs are put into the jar one by one, alternating a fig with a spoonful of syrup. The area of field study women have spoken about the storing culture as an indispensable area and this is interesting. Women are responsible to produce food, from the hygiene and have to preserve the tradition. The time that the working woman spends or is not able to spend in her kitchen is very special. The syrup is made of sugar. Plus two large bagels for the priest and cantor; all of them are prepared from the same dough but have different size and shape.

valentin grigorescu soacra

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The price of sugar is 5 lei cheaper than outside the island.

And some sweet must be also prepared. In the family cycle, the burial seems to be the most conservatory and most impervious to changes, the specific foods preserving a noticeable ethnic and confessional character.

Foods in Rites of Passage Log In Sign Up. Soacrz had a daughter would give a large bagel to lads. Another ritual to be linked to birth is the main practices for the baby.

valentin grigorescu soacra

As the nature is identified with new references, culture gains much more importance. Yes, and this is why the food is prepared afterwards as well. Meals and Cuisine as a Means of Interculturality The Location of Culture. They tried to classify their yearning for their childhood, parents and their past lives through the foods. Tensions, inferiority issues, anxiety, the lost, denial or argumentation of self values may appear as a result of this permanent exchange of multidirectional information.


The year we shall insist upon is There is no Christmas without nut pies. His coffee shop was always full; they served coffee and tea, tea with lemon […]. Specific for the island were the postcards and the famous comfiture of figs and rose petals. A sheep is slaughtered.

valentin grigorescu soacra

My grandmother used to make very tasty dishes. It is a vastly different position than that of a traditional society individual of which we have spoken of earlier, and it brings confusion, uncertainty, and sometimes unexpected reactions.

Slow food has appeared in Italy as an individual protest grigorescuu has reached mass dimensions and is a food revolution against one type of taste of palate.

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The boned meats were salted and hung on a tree and kept. With this evolution a process of being able to store food for a long time has given a more secure living.

valentin grigorescu soacra

The second refers to the Turkish Osmanli influence, manifested in the Balkan Peninsula from the 14th century to the first half of the 19th century. This means may be used in both theoretical and practical areas to eliminate problems created due to the deep-rooted central culture approach as it is stated by Homi Bhabha.


Men have a separate table, women have a separate table.

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There was an oven made from soil and it had a door. In his voyage story Fadlan states that generally milk is used to soften the hard sauces or conserved aliments.

This explains why Couscous is not made at home anymore. It is a day known in advance and dough products can be prepared, while the burial day is not known before, but on such vakentin foods can be prepared. They lay the table in a similar way, men eat first, then women, they do not mingle. A sheep is slaughtered, as one can. In Romania besides chocolate, fruits, cookies, Turkish delight are also brought.

In the case of our research, perception of similarities and differences in gastronomy, its representation in different cultures could involve a new understanding of nature that we call intercultural. Those examples can be multiplied but here the important issue is the storage logic and how ancient it is.