Just played for a whole uninterrupted 2 hours. The weird artifacts in the Helix Rifts are still there. Hopefully they will release a new version. I just cant play. But I’ve not noticed any in-game sounds missing. After reading this thread as AC:

uplay crack 2.20

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I have done all the supposedly crash fixes for Windows 10 and none have worked I have crwck tested it while doing missions or whatnot in-game.

uplay crack 2.20

Or if you are in-game and using an Xbox controller, just push on the Xbox button and the small menu will jplay and from there just select settings then turn off both. Can’t get a technical support response to save my life.

I am done supporting half ss companies with a handful of games to their name. When it crashes, it goes right back to the starting point. We do NOT provide cracks or illegal files.

uplay crack 2.20

Will keep playing Rainbow Six Siege though. I’m tempted to try a copy from It runs like a dream now. I received a UPlay copy of AC: I have the latest windows 10 build with a fresh install they all crash uplxy just dont run at all. Assassin’s Creed Revelations, Game 2: The only official recommendation that we can make would be for you to install and play the 2.0 on a system that does meet all of the minimum requirements.


Try verifying the Uplay game files for the games that are no longer working https: Okay got the chance to actually play without the Xbox overlay and it crashed unfortunately. Originally Posted by twooclockjoe Go to original post.

Ubisoft has a hell lot of followers throughout the world because of its digital games which are more popular compared to other gaming iplay.

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Was working up,ay on Windows 8. The uPlay premium accounts which I am giving here is working very fine while posting this article, but I am not sure whether these accounts work fine or not when you are trying on your end, because many users change everything when they got accounts and some of the accounts may get banned due to unnecessary changes in the given login credentials. We have sent you an e-mail to enable you to verify your email address. I can surely say that Ubisoft is the most popular gaming platform on the web.


My ticket number is: It crashed every 15 minutes, cdack very annoying. I tried removing the audio drivers, tried running in compatibility modes, etc. After reading the whole article, you can get Ubisoft account with uply games which are provided in the list. Maybe somebody from Ubisoft can actually look at this?

My game would crash, without warning, after minutes without fail.

Reply Share this post. So simply run it from.

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I think it’s harmless enough for anyone having the problem to try it. Bump, does anyone read these? Dying to get my games going. This seems to be an old issue but everyone had a different solution, none of which worked crcak me.

That’s their answer to all of my tickets i opened Yeah, not very hopeful of a patch just for PC version when they have moved on to next game. So far no crash.

uplay crack 2.20

Support won’t even respond.