May contain a macro command set to invoke when shutting down the controller. DebugLevel Controls debug feature. Used to define the physical size of an input device for use by the handwriting recognition engine. Number Of Packet Definitions. If 0 calibration background is transparent.


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May contain a macro command set to invoke when shutting down the controller. Most testing has been with the Chrome browser which works well. Our driver software is there to fill the gaps and offer touch functionality where none exist, support legacy touch hardware or offer features for unusual hardware configurations not catered for by the native touch support.

The commands must be run in a command window with administrator privileges: Default buffer size to accommodate incoming packets, e. HID descriptors are written to the same folder where updd. USB devices can be identified by their iProduct code.

Updd software

Calibration style specific settings. The API caters for applications to interface with every aspect of the driver functionality, allowing for applications to directly interface with the touch device rather than indirectly via mouse emulation or native system interfaces.



Set if Z axis support is enabled. Calibration Background If 0 calibration background is transparent.

USB internal identifier if driver bound to iProduct. This specifies the port offset. This could hpdd whereby EEPROM setting is enabled but a new controller, without any valid calibration data is connected.

Number Of Packet Definitions. This meets the requirements for installing kernel drivers on Windows as the only driver component is provided by Microsoft WHQL testing and signing is unnecessary.

UPDD Settings definition

Event Alt Bind 0 – n. Sets the size of a trace buffer.


If set indicates that touches outside the calibrated area are ignored — unless they are in a toolbar. Id from list of available controllers in this build. Maxlogsize Specifies the maximum size of a updd boot log in MB. Mode associated with this event, e. Button mode associated with this event, e. Defines the pitch for sounds accompanying button presses. Event Alt Bind 0 – n A named protocol level event that causes the event to change its state — and thereby cause an action in the button u;dd manager.


Description of device coverage, e. This install could typically be referred to as an. The Raven app consist of 3 total apps.

UPDD – What does UPDD stand for? The Free Dictionary

The actual number will be dependent on the installed components held in the installer. Authenticode uses cryptographic techniques to verify publisher identity and code integrity.

Under Windows the only role this performs is to calculate the gesture being performed and make it available on the driver’s API.

OEM specific, controls linearisation. However, all these components, when packaged together, form the basis of the UPDD version 6 driver.


Logical horizontal extent of device, e. Driver build level, e. On Windows the data folder will exist if updd is installed, but it may be hidden.