Corrected the mistake of assigning variables to existing, but not running scripts. He is called on “F1” on the operator in a script or at the top of the RBM menu in a script. Added to the command ‘get color’ ability to search for a color in the covered windows Added a few unnecessary reserved variables Added a function determining the color on the screen Added calculation of functions in conditional statements. On the “Script” tab added a button triggering settings “Show the progress of the script” and “Display the variable timer”. Fixed forced stopping of the Lua script.

uopilot v2 18.8

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Open in the browser. Corrected the return of the error code by the ‘findimage’ and ‘findcolor’ functions in Lua, if the parameters are incorrectly specified. The following tips may help your upcoming shopping trip become more pleasurable. Fixed the ‘ result’ parameter in the ‘get windowpos’ command.

Should you maintain the preceding assistance under consideration the next time that you simply go buying a vehicle, you may be prone to get a better deal. Removed a reminder that the working window is not specified, when starting the script on a hot key.

uopilot v2 18.8

According to the Lua syntax, in the path it is necessary to double the backslash character “c: If nothing is found, then returns “nil”, rather than an empty table.


Slightly corrected assignment delay between the lines from the script, with the help of the variable ‘linedelay’. Made a window on the settings form for setting the size of the log file. The return value of the ‘color’ function has been changed to an integer value.

Research all of you alternatives ahead of buying in order to determine what works well with your budget and household needs.

uopilot v2 18.8

Accelerated assigning values to variables on average 2 times. Fixed uopliot ‘log open’. Added the ability to comment out the line by clicking the LMB on its number, and uncomment it by pressing the LMB again by the number. Corrected the function to format the script, added the function “remove formatting”.

Complete Edition Repack Added the display of file names of the scripts, near numbers on tabs.

Каталог файлов

We test Has corrected a mistake, because of which were replaced not all variable in a line Some probable exceptions are corrected It is a lot of fine improvements and corrections v. Corrected ‘deviation’ in ‘findcolor’. Return uopilo coordinates for Y.

uopilot v2 18.8

Fixed a crash when using ‘findcolor’. Fixed an error uopipot occurs when outputting to a log large amounts of information. Added to ‘findimage’ the return of the percentage of the found image in the fifth element of the returned array. When the program is started, it is checked for its presence in the folder, and uoplot it is not, then unpack it.


Added the output in brackets the values of the variables after their names, for the command ‘set logging commands’.

Uopilot v free – ? , , change our charge weapon keybinding to any

Fixed an exception in the command ‘get clipboard’. Added the ability to “Save settings as File size and last modified at UoPilot v2. The size of the 118.8 that is displayed in the log is now increased to 1k.

In the ‘findimage’ command fixed the search of the saved image in the loaded area. Fixed the error that occurs when executing the Lua script, after stopping it by the UOPilot.

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As a type of search takes the address from the ‘GetImage’ function. Added personal logs for each script.

Read more in the built-in help. Only use the guidelines from this article and you can get the auto you want in a very good selling price.