Homeworld for AmigaOS 4. Then it matched up his engine efficiency with the compressor map of the turbo! Another great feature of the TurboCalc package is that example spreadsheets are included. Overview Features Screenshots Requirements Video Overview Make real-time engineering decisions while evaluating all your design options. I never knew something like that existed.


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TurboCalc combines the disciplines of sketching and calculations in a single application. It looks like it would be really helpful for people who are wondering which turbo to use on their cars etc And The Java one gave me a GT25 too.


Send a private message to JOeS. Initial geometry can be entered within TurboCalc as well as imported from any DXF compliant CAD software using the built-in 2-way automatic translator. The Goal Seek capability in TurboCalc takes the “error” from trial and error. The measurements can be directly included in calculations setup in TurboCalc Formula bar. Log In My Cart. Your question will be posted in:. Finally, one of the nicest features is the support of macros and ARexx.


Review: TurboCalc, Amiga’s answer to Microsoft Exell in the early 90’s

The powerful point and click constraint manager can resolve virtually unlimited number of circularities. Net results are significant reduction of “build-test-fix” design cycles.

So, if you ever have questions about how certain things work, you have actual working examples at your fingertips. Homeworld for AmigaOS 4.


In addition, you can query this data using the above mentioned formulas. Holy crap i want that.

TurboCalc™ – Dunster and Associates

Anyone have a turbo calculator? Software Specialist for Over 20 Years. Celestia, powerful universe simulator for AmigaOS 4 Review: Amiga emulator for Microsoft X-Box Video: Text tool Allows entering notes and annotations. Generation Amiga magazine Review: Quote message in reply? Amiga Classix Remakes for Windows Video: You have many ARexx capabilities, and all of the examples work fine.

Send a private message to DA9-T. The common types are supported bar, histogram, line, piechart. Brilliance, a great animation program capable of true bit painting Review: TurboCalc incorporates linear, radial, and angular dimensions that can be constrained to measure any aspect of the flexible model.


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Exploring Amiga music mod trackers Review: I was searching around for some flanges on yahoo and ran into a web tubrocalc where they used this software Here’s where he plugged in his engine information and the software told him which turbo would best suit his needs Then the software showed him where on the compressor map of the turbo his engine would be operating!