The Big Study Hall Uproar!! Workshop of Fun TV Series Six opening theme songs and nine closing themes were used during the series. He also tells him that if he wants her back, he’ll have to go on his property and deal with him and his army. Be sure to join the discussion on our discord at: Lum blocks Ataru and Shinobu’s phone call using equipment in her UFO inadvertently creating a black hole that causes aircraft to vanish. RK by DemiDemocratik reviews This a a collection of really stupid poems by the one and only me on a sugar high.

Was this review helpful to you? A young singer dies and becomes a zombie. Search for ” Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru ” on Amazon. Pokemon diamond and pearl adventures Fruits basket Tokyo mew mew Tokyo mew mew a la mode I am currently reading: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. During Hanami , Ataru snaps a tree branch and somehow causes a rip in dimensions, sending Lum to a parallel world. Rei appears and causes an uproar by eating everyone’s lunch, and Ran tries her best to win him back. Every character from the show makes an appearance as the school attempts a retelling of a classic Japanese tale.

Ryoko plans a tsubamme “party” which is actually a tournament of sorts to get closer to Ataru, but her brother Shutaro is dead-fast against this, hiring all of Ataru’s rivals to fight him. Worries for Firefighter Mother!! A peach falls from the sky that Lum’s cousin, Ten has travelled to her in. Share this Rating Title: This page was last edited on 23 Februaryat The Great Mission Tempting Darling!!


The first episodes were directed by Mamoru Oshii and the remainder by Kazuo Yamazaki. At the demand of her mother, Asuka faces her fear of men in a visit to Tomobiki High School after her love crushes her brother. A beach town frantically searches for the food-thieving goblin as Ryuu is once again plagued by her past This series is centred on Misha Takanashi, a Russian girl who lives with her Japanese step father, and Tsubame Kamoi, a former Japanese airwoman who has become Misha’s family maid.

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Their VHS release began in October of the same year and was among the first anime titles to receive a subtitled North American release. An accident sends Lum, Ataru, Ten and Kintaro back to the time of the dinosaurs. Lum makes a voodoo doll of Shinobu, and Ataru tries to stop her from using it to hurt Shinobu. Tomobiki Machi ni Ashita wa Nai ” Japanese: Also released in OAV format syndroe the U.

Hikeshi no Haha ni Nayami Ari!! After a computer told Lum that her perfect matchmade partner is Shutaro instead of Sydnrome, she went to do some research herself.

Search for ” Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru ” on Amazon. Shinobu, Ataru and Lum meet Inaba, a strange boy in a rabbit suit.

Tsubame Kurashiki (Tubame Syndrome) –

A trio of middle-school space girls steal Benten’s chain and then challenge her, Lum, and Oyuki to fight them. StrangeClamsJan 9, Views Read Edit View history.


Yanagi no Oji Ji!! Ataru’s ghost story becomes all too real when no matter how hard Lum tries to stop it. Yasuhiro Takanashi 11 episodes, Shutaro, initially against the idea of the arranged marriage, is now all for it when he hears from Ataru that Asuka is cute, despite her being scary powerful due to 15 dyndrome in armor.

Mendo talks to Sakuranbo about Ataru’s possible weaknesses in this clip show episode. At first it only involves him, Lum, and the Stormtroopers, but it soon involves most of the student body after Ataru gets funding by Mendo. If she wins, she gets to wear her mother’s bathing suit. Shinobu-san is Love” Transcription: Jariten finds part of a love locket Lum and Rei got when they were going together.

Remembering how Lum always got her in trouble when they were younger, Ran devises a new scheme to suck away Ataru’s youth. Misao reminisces about Aoshi in her childhood Rated: How would Sanosuke deal with Kenshin as he wavers even more dangeriously between wanderer and manslayer? During one of the cats’ mating season, Ataru, Lum and Ten meet a beautiful female cat-like humanoid. A Teacher Occupation Desprate too!!