So a chip to chip time of 15 seconds for an umbrella style tool changer would be about hours in a year. I’ve been fooled before. There have been some strong points in the posts in this thread, probably enough to put this issue to rest and let the original poster soak it in and decide which way to go. Originally Posted by UniqueMachining. It is a workhorse. With that being said, floor space costs money.

Trouble was though, my machine was an obsolete dog, and I fought constantly with its limitations. Login to Your Account. Tags for this Thread , available , pcnc , said. Recognizing the likely damage, I factored that into the purchase price and decided to totally rebuild it. My lathe dims the lights a little on startup. I think Tormach does its users a disservice when they pretend the machine is more than it is:

That’s why I don’t consider a machine like this a suitable choice for a business to buy; you leave too much on the table for it to make good business sense. The validity of that evaluation depends a lot on what you use the mill for.

Even for prototyping, it’s so much less capable than a real VMC that it’s just too expensive to run for anyone who wants or needs to make time on it. You’ve cited some examples of significant savings from bringing work in house and running it on a Tormach; that’s great, but think of how much more you could save with a faster, more accurate one.

To compete in this business you need machines that can handle almost any job that walks in the door and get it done quickly and accurately. You make good points again Boston, but there’s something missing in your argument, and I believe it’s contained within your example.

If feview are looking to make smallish low tolerance parts at low production rates and can accept sub-optimal finishes, you won’t be disappointed, unless you happen to get a lemon and have to fight with it to even get it to run.

I remember looking at the reivew cabinet of my and thinking “this is nice! Trouble was though, my machine was an obsolete dog, and I fought constantly tormachh its limitations. I’ve seen remarkably few problems with Tormach machines that were not addressed very quickly by Tormach.


Results 1 to 12 of Originally Posted by HimyKabibble. Originally Posted by sansbury. PCNC mills are highly customizable with a variety of user-installed options. The Novakon products remind me of a well meaning garage operation.

All pcmc of the users have had to put significant money into their machines right from when they first bought them If you know nothing at all about what’s possible with a real VMC, you will be very happy, just to be able to cut something. Serjes, your input is backed up by some direct experience and you make some valid points. The risk I see is mainly that something odd happens and they disappear. Originally Posted by Mike Henry.

Trying to decide between a Tormach PCNC , , Mikini L and Syil

I can’t be the only one who wants to know what sex toys implmex is making! I am currently leaning towards the PCNC for the higher spindle speeds.

John Welden liked this post. As an example of paying a premium for a small machine that will fit in the space allowed, I could have had a much better, stronger, heavier, and faster machine, such as the VF1, for about the same price as the Mini mill 2.

But consider; you can buy a brand new Haas Minimill for not all that much more money, and you’ll have a much more useable machine. This machine holds tolerances well — easily within 0. Originally Posted by PaulT. I understand the limitations, just haven’t figured out how long I would be happy with a lesser machine or if I need more machine.

There have been some strong points in the posts tprmach this thread, probably enough to put this pncc to rest and let the original poster soak it in and decide which way to go. A 15 – 20 hp phase converter would be sucking a lot of juice even when the mill was idling. The two things that put me over were indeed the servo spindle and rigid tapping and the size over the They always pick up the phone and help no matter if you’re an old or new customer. Please see the attached photo copied from their web site of their newest controller.


The machine had been run with a disconnected oil line, which clearly did not do it any favours. Damn I wish I had bought a Tormach! I think they improved toramch lot and have nice machines.

We’ve all been seeing ads for Tormach Machines, here in PM. – Page 2

One reason I keep looking at the Tormach is power and space. At any rate, I’m still saving up. I’ve been fooled before.

This being said, Tormach machines are not perfect. I don’t need to run the machine all day long to make money. Now I’m sure we’ll formach all the reasons that is different, but in reality its not.

There have been clear examples of that here. Needless to say, no manufacturer could justify the time and attention we spent, unless they charged “big bucks”. Login to Your Account.

Tormach PCNC 1100 Review – UPDATED 2018 – Machining Aluminum At Home

Similar Threads Torus vs. These results were achieved with original parts supplied by Novakon with only the gibbs being given special attention. But what the heck, what’s the fun in that, here some more babble- Many of the most experienced machinists on this forum compete in the “job shop wars”. With that being said, floor space costs money.

If rrview believe it’s a revies tool, you’re fooling yourself. We’ve all been seeing ads for Tormach Machines, here in PM. So I bought a reconditioned Sodick, and went bravely out into the market with my new capability.

The sex toy guy uses his a lot and is happy with it, but gets me to make all his complex parts because he can’t get the finishes and precision he needs with his own machine, and he already has plenty on his plate doing the simple parts, polishing and finishing, and running his business. My lathe dims the lights a little on startup. Originally Posted by UniqueMachining.