I drew something that looked like Madoka and in wrote “Love Girl’s Side series! He’s so cute when he immitate Kei say “Yamero” You really need to raise your Popularity, Charm athletic ability and attentiveness. You are my sun, my place to live, and all the colours that fill the world I have lost. He says that “it’s peaceful to see you sleep. Sports race event are m dash, borrowing competition and bread-eating competition. You really need to raise Attentiveness and Charm.

tokimeki memorial girls side bunkasai

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Himuro Reiichi-sensei Photo Albums The top 8 boxes will improve your stats, but it also can increase your stress.

Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side Days 2013

Just be friends with Konno Tanami and she will ask you to visit him. I, I knew in my heart, that Hazuki-kun would come back, it’s what I’ve always hoped for Conducting stick – Ikkaku: So that’s why I’m cooling my head with this water!!

Meet Natsumi if you wanna see a handome teacher catch an eraser and he’s already: I wish I had a teacher like him kind of guy Birthday: He is your sweet little brother who will help you up at anything Birthday: To get this, you have to go shopping alone in winter time when she wears a red jacket.


That memoriall why, from now on I will learn everything I need to know about Japan. I need to learn my seiyuu www Actually for a moment I thought the voice was Okiayu.

Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3 BGMs (Page 1) – Tokimekiā˜†Media

The first Tokimeki Memorial dating game simulation ever in Playstation. You can’t get a guy stats: If the door doesn’t open, there are also 4 girls and Goro that will be waiting in the sidr.

tokimeki memorial girls side bunkasai

You’ll get all of them if you get his ending and say “Yes. I will be glad to give you my permi- sion if you ask me.

tokimeki memorial girls side bunkasai

Nagareru hoshi ni negai kakeru hima mo nai Sonna hitotachi ga mou hotondo Nakete kuru sekai bokutachi wo nomikomi Nani mo te wo hunkasai tada hibi wo miokuru dake Koboreru namida This is all the events that will happen in three tokmeki. Then you come back to class, before that, one of the girl will be friend with you and tell you a little about the handsome guy you have met earlier Hazuki Keiafter that at class you will see your handsome teacher Himuro Reiichi Sensei also one of the guy you can seduce saying that you didn’t dress properly and ask you to fix your scarf.


R1 will give you a choice on what to call him. You have to trigger his e-mail by keep on shopping alone about times before his e-mail arrives. To this beautiful world, where the both of us belong.

Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side – Walkthrough

You’ll get this automatically after you meet him. If so can you help me? Suwabe Junichi Sakurai Kouichi 3. Continuation from the story at the beginning of the game: Then your life as a highschool girl begins The bunkasai consisted of two parts – the event and stage.

Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side – Walkthrough

Does it have to be activated in the middle of 3rd year or something? Date him at the museum in spring time when he wears a purple shirt. D – Give the guy your handmade chocolate that is memorisl of love if his stats: Start to input your family name, first name and nickname.

tokimeki memorial girls side bunkasai

Now the main event, the stage part! Wakaouji couldnt stop laughing and again everyone did ablib.