Our goal was to make it talk to our own software API , here’s the result. After charging the TKb for about 30 minutes, we inserted the SIM card into it and powered it up, and it went online right away. Using a wrong firmware file will damage your tracker. If not, continue reading. The device manager will open in a new window. In other words, further configuration can the built into the API and even be automated!

tk102 firmware

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It is the most sold tracker gps-gsm in ebay.

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Back to work, updates and upcoming news Summer of is over at least tm102 in Norwayand a very exiting autumn is ahead of us. Equipment Asset Management Software – What is it, and why you might need it Do you have full control of your organization’s equipment?

tk102 firmware

We will get back to this error later. Before setting up an Firmwarw test suite of our own, you might want to make sure that it is online and sending data.

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Making a call by the primary mobile phone you’ll receive the following string “http: Instead, using the mobile internet connection through GPRS is much better and cheaper, since it only spends a few kilobytes at most each time it reports the location.

E-mail us at support itefy.

In other words, further configuration can the built into the API and even be automated! Only a few minutes after the APN had been configured, the device had sent its position to gps You can avoid it by means of another mobile phone: Try Itefy 14 firnware for free No credit card required. Since the TKb requires a full size SIM card, it’s most convenient to use an old phone that also uses the full sized SIM card, so you don’t have to break it up.


The most common problems causing such an autobaud error are device failures, USB driver issues or the wrong USB cable. By means of these codes you can find a coarse position of your tracker exploting the cells mobile technology.

Testing and configuring TK102B GPS & GPRS/GSM tracker to our own API

But please take care. Here is a guide fimrware how to get started. Choose the HEX file you have downloaded before. Maybe you can never access the tracker again firjware that case. This is what we aim to do! It also turned out that you can make configuration changes on fk102 device from the website as well, which is good news, because it enables to manage and do more advanced configuration without having to send SMS commands.

Between my targets was to save money, indeed in the original firmware you use sms to config some functionalities, let’s think to move command, you must use 4 sms to activate and after to deactivate the alarm.

And because of that we can use the Flash Magic tool. In our case, it was “telenor”, so we sent a new text message to the device with the following content:. Tracker Gps tk Update Personal firmware for Tracker Gps tk Xexun In this web site under construction you will find information about the t102 gps tk Xexun the most famous localizator device.


tk102 firmware

We have created a template for Google Sheets that you can download and use for free. Receiving position only through text messages is both expensive and inconveniente. The TKb seems like a well built, compact device, and it comes with a chargable battery and a micro-USB cable. Although you currently can’t automatically track the location of items in Itefy, you are able to track location and usage manually using our mobile app. In our case, it worked right away. Plug the USB cable into the tracker still disconnected from the computer.

Sign up for a free trial of Itefy if you’re looking for a professional equipment management system. In this case we are using COM26, but this value may vary.

A firmware update on your TK should only be done in case of emergency or malfunction, for example if the tracker LED is flashing fast permanently. Our goal was to make it talk to our own software APIhere’s the result.