Am I noticing a theme with this set of large creatures without trample and tons of ways to generate tiny little tokens with which to block? If you have a really fast deck it could be good enough! Comment on Divine Verdict. Okay, so they do get a double life as an aura, then a creature if you bestow. I completely disagree with you. Wizards Of The Coast are making Magic cards too overpowered. It can only be activated when TtMK is in the grave:.

theros visual spoiler

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While those cards are great there are not a lot of them. Theros will feature mostly mono-colored cards with only a few multi-color cards.

Theros Visual Spoiler by The Waf

Thank you all for agreeing with me. Does the Satyr go with it? You look at the Firedrinker as aggressive, but then you have Soldier of the Pantheon holding down the Savannah Lion spot in white with a benefit instead of a drawback at the same rarity. Comment on Cavalry Pegasus.

455 cards.

Okay, so they do get a double life as an therks, then a creature if you bestow. Firedrinker looks like a common, but is set at rare… I think Johnny Combo has hidden something in this set for that Satyr to be friends with.


I suppose it could be worse, it could have added trample or flying too. Please enable it before continuing to use this site or it may not spliler an enjoyable experience for you.

The art on this set is awesome.

Card Image Gallery

Theros Devotion to Darkness Intro Pack. We promise we don’t have any annoying javascript pop-ups and we don’t use javascript for tracking purposes. The Gathering set Theros will be a card set based on Greek mythology. Email when available Select an action.

The Satyr looses target, but becomes a creature. Game play will feature adventure, achievement, and the hero’s journey. With Absorb and Undermine and no Negateit was warranted.

PlanetWalls — sorry about the improper term. If I recall, Gainsay was played all the time in Invasion Block Constructed in sideboards, and even occasionally as a 1- or 2-off in the maindeck. Believe me, I would love for Tymaret tneros be able to murder himself to come back to your hand. Log in to view your Mana Pool Log In.

Card Image Gallery | MAGIC: THE GATHERING

Comment on Glare of Heresy. Born of the Gods Accessories! Because that just seems silly to me. I think you thrros read the offical mechanics guide of theros: And as for your previous comment on wizards starting to make cards too overpowered being overpowered, that’s the biggest load of rubbish I have heard in some time, have you ever heard of Ancestral Recall?


theros visual spoiler

If theroa cards are far more balanced and not overpowered than they have ever been. Theros Intro Pack Decks. The few cards that clearly draw from Greek mythology are cool, particularly Curse of the Swine and Chained to the Rocks.

theros visual spoiler

Wizards will make also make a faq for theros, with answer to most of the obvious question. And I just noticed that there appears to be an entire cycle of what appear to be completely unplayable in theross single color targeting spells at uncommon no less. Wow it’s about time they explored the Myths of our own world: If not it may just be time to mainboard naturalize or vksual like it at the pre-release.

Return Reassembling Skeleton from your graveyard to the battlefield tapped. Or does the Satyr hit the board as a creature at that point?