At age 16, she met U. KEW obviously liked writing about Aislinn smiling and giggling and being all giddy and winsome because she would have the broad flipflop in her moods all the time. The ending was very nice, we get a few suprises and a HEA. I lost it at some time, and I looked for it for years until HS, when I found it in a bag way in the back of my closet in worse shape than I got it if that’s imagineable. Go for the older stories that were so much fun! Sovereignty, the Wife of Bath says, is what women want, maybe romance books offer a picture of that.

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Why is his heart so hard where women are concerned, yet his touch so gentle? Woodiwiss completely captures my attention within the first few pages and I enjoyed every minute of the tempestuous journey of Wulfgar and his Aislinn, captor and slave.

To add to the problems besetting the two, cruel Ragnor challenges Wulfgar for the Lady Aislinn and the lands of Darkenwald. View all 36 comments. I read this in my teens a VERY long time ago One Saxon maid, Aislinn, tried to care for her Norman dominated keep. I found Aislinn to be a heroine that I loved. And she burns with malice for the handsome Norman savage who would enslave her. The plot begins with William, Duke of Normandy, invading England.

I love, loved it then and my rating is based on katuleen. The author has proven that she has the uncanny ability to overstate the obvious Courage, he believes, that is rarely matched by even a man.


We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. The history was fantastic!

The Wolf and the Dove

Any authors similar in the writing style to Woodiwiss, as far as the historical detail, but with a little more sizzle? I just call it urban woodiaiss, and the heroine can turn into werewolf or a demon or whateverso it has fantastic elements, though sometimes less sex scenes. This is a good yarn, gripping, adventurous and exciting.

View all 3 comments. Yet, when William the Conquer demands his presence in London for his coronation, it is Aislinn who haunts his every thought—the softness of her fiery hair, her womanly fragrance, the passion in her touch, the feel of her in his arms.

The Wolf and the Dove : Kathleen E. Woodiwiss :

And he will risk life itself to nurture with tender passion a glorious union born in the blistering heat of hatred and war. Wulfgar forces Aislinn to his own room but doesn’t rape her, only chains her to the foot of his bed. Besides the harsh topics brought up like rape, senseless murder, etc. And he is the classic mustache twisting villain.

The book started out well and I was getting good vibes from it. Even in UF you can see this rape fantasy being overplayed and never really examined, for instance, in the later Anita Blake novels, though who is the victim and who is the rapist is sometimes unclear. I loved Aslinn who was very strong and fought back against the people who hurt her family, and Wulfgur, what can I say, he was very facinating.


I especially loved Wulfgur’s warming up due to Aislinn’s influence. Apart from an addiction to word count and a fear of plot, that is. I have read other books by Woodiwiss and while not high fiction I’ve found them a pleasant way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.

He saves Aislinn from the Norman knights sent ahead of him, but she harbors no happiness at either Norman: Together, they conquer the evil in order to find happiness for themselves as well as for their people.

The female characters are written from a mindset of 34 years ago: England is eventually conquered and William crowned King of England. All in all, I really liked the book, I would have thought it was amazing if the story was a bit faster paced. But I personally enjoyed it.

Woodiwiss 49 30 Apr 14, But I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with the book and enjoyed reading it.