Eugene’s plan allows the Saviors to escape the Sanctuary, and separately, the Saviors waylay the Alexandria, Hilltop, and Kingdom forces. Carol and Morgan search for Henry while Rick hunts the escaped Savior prisoners; Morgan abandons Carol and joins Rick, and together, they find and kill the prisoners. The set includes three audio commentaries and three featurettes. Daryl and Rosita plot to stop Eugene from crafting ammunition for the Saviors. Retrieved March 20, Gabriel is locked in a cell, where Eugene discovers him sick and suffering.

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Retrieved November 17, However, when they arrive at the Sanctuary, Wakling is horrified to see the breached walls and no sign of the walker herd. Realizing his time alive is limited, Carl writes several letters to his loved ones. After confessing their sins to each other, Gabriel and Negan manage to escape from the trailer.

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rpisode What happened to Hal before the Green Lantern Corps disappeared and he was being hunted by them? Rian Hughes The four-part epic first-year finale begins here!

The group attacks the Sanctuary, taking down its fences and flooding the compound with walkers. Cantankerous cop Luisa is seasoh the trail of a killer and no amount of psychotic cyborg locals are going to get in her way. Retrieved March 13, Now Hyperion tombs are opening all across the cosmos, with one awakening on the very edge of the solar system, with vengeance in its heart. Ezekiel’s group attacks another Savior compound, during which Kingdom fighters are annihilated while protecting Ezekiel.


Fernando Heinz Cover Artist: Eleonora Carlini Cover Artist: Retrieved June 23, Fast paced action mixed with awesome sci-fi concepts makes Mercury Heat epiwode must read thrill ride of the year.

The Walking Dead

Torn Apart Cold Storage. Tara is non-fatally shot by Dwight in an effort to prevent Simon from killing her.

Retrieved November 27, In the middle of a civil war between the core planets and distant outlying planetary settlements, an immense black wall appears, cutting our solar system in two. Green Lantern Annual 4 Writer: The eighth season of The Walking Deadan American post-apocalyptic horror television series on AMCpremiered on October 22,and concluded on April 15,consisting of 16 episodes.

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Nick Runge Haunted by the catastrophe that tore his city apart ten years ago, Coast Guard veteran Virgil Lafleur struggles daily with the hardships of a post-Katrina New Orleans. Gregory attempts to have the Hilltop residents side with Negan, but they all firmly stand behind Maggie.

What excuse is there? Rafa Ortiz Cover Artist: A stupid scooter accident will plunge Angelino into a hurricane of unimaginable trouble, as he becomes the only person on Earth capable of recognizing the vicious cosmic entities that walk among us, who are readying themselves to invade the planet.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rick’s group follows the false plans given to them by Gregory, leading them into a trap.

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Retrieved October 16, edad Retrieved November 9, Denis Bajram The whole world is at war. Carol and Morgan search for Henry while Rick hunts the escaped Savior dexd Morgan abandons Carol and joins Rick, and together, they find and kill the prisoners.

The final issue of the Eisner Award-nominated series is a sweep of science fictional ths and madness. Meanwhile, an attack at the Hilltop is stopped with help from Aaron and the Oceanside soldiers. Ezekiel’s group is overwhelmed by the Saviors, who kill all of them except for Ezekiel himself and Jerry.

Negan is contacted by Michonne – who reads Carl’s letter to him at the request of making peace; Negan remains intent on killing Rick and his allies ghe and for all. View all posts by John Freeman. Negan then reveals that Laura informed him of Dwight’s siding with Rick, and that his planning was a ruse upon knowing of Dwight’s disloyalty.