The first option of turning the walls off is to hurt every bot outside the walkway. Live Thread addon by sonnb. You can order them to attack, jump, dodge or strafe. With the launch pad, you can get the initial impulse easier and practice airstrafing after being launched. Other than just offering training help, it is an outstanding choice of map for testing out custom items and their functions, due to the versatile settings of bots.

tf2 map tr walkway

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Other than just offering training help, it is an outstanding choice of map for testing out custom items and their functions, due to the walkwqy settings of bots. Normally, to practice this technique you need to to rocket jump to get the initial impulse.

Trr I list some of those commands that can be used inside the map. The bots spawned for headshot training work quite well for shooting them from the side, compared to normal spawns.

tf2 map tr walkway

walway Disable any kind of external team-balancer plugin that the server could be running http: Here, after the timer A is activated, wait and make every bot attack once and then set the next activation to do nothing: Mal one variable can be buffered at the same time. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support.


This is a useful technique that can be used in real servers.


It’s recommended to have the developer waalkway open for this map. They play the “run” animation when moving, but their hitbox the part of them that detects when they are shot stay in the “standing” animation. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. When a bot comes nearby, drop or jump over him, crouch and stab him as soon as you touch his back. Great map and great idea!

Try to reach high places, like catwalks. Way to go above and beyond, amazing.

tf2 map tr walkway

This is the yaw. Thanks x 14 Like x 1.

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All actions in a step are done simultaneously, so the order is not really important. MangyCarfaceAug 18, Of course, I didn’t have problems like balancing teams in fact, I tried to make the red team more and more wxlkway in every version or game flow, something that it would take a lot of time to learn for me. In the text box, add “-console” without the quotes.

Overview Reviews 5 Version History Discussion. Walkway is a community-made singleplayer training map created by Washipato and Wiseguy Alongside the buttons in the control room, there mapp various controls in the walkway itself. The control room also has buttons to control such actions as having a placed Engineer automatically melee repair buildings or heal automatically.


Tf2 tr_walkway mac download

NutomicAug 18, When you are inside it, go to “steamapps” then to the folder with the name of your steam account, for example, “washipato”. Special operations with the buffer: There are 5 kind of buttons, all of them intuitive.

Hurt bots will make them easier to kill and bots aim down gives soldiers a more realistic behavior. Nobody used it as far as we know and it confused people Removed option to turn off “throw bots to the wall” Made the random deploy system slightly more random Made the first easter egg easier and more intuitive to get Changed the position of all cfgs, now they are packed inside the bsp The map doesn’t load td2 map.

Commands with “” inside them cannot be used in aliases. This is just copy and paste of the ReadMe.