Kore wa Zombie desu ka? Minth is reminded of when he was criminally involved with Glein in stealing and dealing snuff books, which cause the reader to become consumed by its own euphoria. Witch Hunter Robin [iTA]. Even though Minth was against the idea of selling snuff books, Glein thought otherwise, gaining a profit out of it back then. Meanwhile, at the Bantorra Library, Lascall reawakens Mirepoc, but at the cost of her life.

tatakau shisho the book of bantorra sub ita

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Earthian [sub ita] Eat-Man [iTA].

tatakau shisho the book of bantorra sub ita

Ricordi di batticuore – Only love [sub ita] Ride Back. Da Capo [sub ita].

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Suddenly, a sniper attempts to shoot Arkit, which prompts him to see Kachua Binhasthe Governor of Paradise and current leader of the Shindeki Church. Iron-Blooded Orphans [sub ita] Gundam: Grisaia no Suv [sub ita]. Sekiryuu Seneki [sub ita] Chaos Head. Hyakko [sub ita] I. Shiron had witnessed the spread of Dragon Pneumonia, an epidemic affecting much of the people of the Ronar Dukedom.


Retrieved 3 February Volken reminisces behind the reason he became an Armed Library, soon running into Renas, whom he knows as Olivia Litletthe true owner of Renas’s body. During their final duel against each other, Mirepoc signals to Mattalast to shoot Alme from behind, thus ending her life.

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Night Wizard – The Animation [sub ita]. Mechanium Sourge [iTA] Bakuman [sub ita]. Asura Cryin Attack on Titan: Il Tradimento Conosce il Sun Nome [sub ita].

Psycho-Pass 2 [sub ita]. Olivia uses Volken’s source of illusion abilities as an attempt to overcome an army of Human Bombs before locating Yluculucu.

Olivia regains her memories of how Charlottea plump sorcerer holding a high position of the Shindeki Church, fell in love with her. Iron-Blooded Orphans 2 [sub ita]. Nieniu, the last surviving member of a tribe of minstrels, found him after sensing this distress, so she soothed him by singing. Azumanga Daioh [sub ita]. Puni Puni Poemy [sub ita]. When they then come across a street fightthey see a tatwkau man, who can withstand quite a punch.


I bon bon Magici di Lilly [iTA]. Berserk [iTA e sub ita]. Noragami Aragoto [sub ita] Nyan Koi! Yuusha Ou GaoGaiGar [sub ita]. Iron-Blooded Orphans [sub ita].

tatakau shisho the book of bantorra sub ita

Olivia uses Yluculucu to return the memories back to all the Meats at the cost of her own life. Nanatsu No Taizai [iTA].

In the past, Kachua revealed to Noloty that Arkit holds the power to infect others with hatred, being the reason why Arkit needs to die. The Cleveland Show [iTA]. Gli gnomi delle montagne [iTA]. When Lully senses Lascall in a nearby alley, Mirepoc follows him attakau to warn him. Kyoukai no Rinne [sub ita] Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon.