Many of the sciences and inventions introduced from North Africa to Europe via Spain were labeled as “Arabic” or “Moorish” indiscriminately, whereas history was specific about the meaning of “Moorish”, from Moor, the Berbers of North Africa, as in ancient Latin Maurus the ‘Berber inhabitant of Mauritania’ [long before the arrival of Arabs in North Africa]; and hence ‘ morris dance ‘ was rightly said to mean ‘ Moorish dance ‘ the ‘Berber dance’ , via Old French morois ‘Moor’. If you like Afous d’Afous, you may also like:. The three-stringed guitar, at some time in history, doubled its strings to produce the common six-stringed guitar. No doubt, still remembered as one of the heroes of the Berber Cultural Revolution in Algeria. Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature “The Music of” tribute to French musical legends. Takubelt Festival Tuareg Festival in Mali. The theme of the festival is ” Environmental Solutions “.

tarhanin tegla

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Imidiwan CD, Tinariwen: Some music is truly pure magic.

tarhanin tegla

Unrelenting calabash percussion, dusty guitar, and joyous shouts – this is the hypnotic sound of Northern Mali. The root TAR means ‘string’ in various languages, like African, Semitic, Persian and Indian languages, as in Berber weter, Arabic water or Persian tar, and possibly also English cord and targaninwhere ‘chord’ was derived by etymologists from Latin chorda: Even this year,the Canadian government denied them visa to perform in one of the festivals held there.


Tuareg flute made from trunk of sorghum. He died on the 17th of January in Khnifera. Afous d’Afous – Tarhanine Tegla. Females appear to have been the chief musicians. Also note the right hand of the player comes from below the guitar, and not from above as it is played today, which explains the small body the ancient guitar had, clearly resting on the arm. Tarjanin traditionally, they have kept their music alive and very well for thousands of years, as it is a fundamental pillar of Berber life, religious ceremonies and festivities, like marriage ceremonies, seasonal festivals, agricultural calendars, and even during mourning and death; where the ancient mourning ceremony described by Herodotus still invokes fear in the hearts of many men, who attempted in vain to suppress this most ancient and unique practice; in which the earth trembles beneath the pounding feet of distressed women, screaming with shrieking cries in complete trance, to compensate the loss of beloved ones.


Nothing else is used. Afous d’Afous Tamanrasset, Algeria. The festival is a 3 day international music event, celebrating Tuareg culture and way of life. It’s a privilege to be able to own this beautiful music and an honour to be able to listen to it. The liquid of music is left to cool in a clay jar.

Tinariwen – Tarhanin Teglla (My Love Is Gone) by Rania Samar | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Etgla doubt, still remembered as one of the heroes of the Berber Cultural Revolution in Algeria. Ishumar music, strong and sweet as Tuareg tea. On the 31st of October we received an email with further information regarding the Imazighen group. Tumastin by Amanar De Kidal. To Taylor” the Egyptians appear to have been the earliest people by whom music was cultivated as science.


And since the Amazons were debatably said to have come from Libya, a number of Berberists easily lent themselves to link Amazon with Amazigh.

Muziget Tamazight (‘Berber Music’)

With Vieux Farka Toure video, Tinariwen: Where the press and other media were suppressed, music conveyed harhanin word with ease across the borders of segmented North Africa. Festival on the Niger festivalsegou. We now know that they do exist in Youtube under the name ” groupe imazighen ” with the Berber name being ” Tarebbout Imazighen ” [ tarebbut imaziven ].

tarhanin tegla

Ossan, Tindi, Ghasro, and Mhamed Qlou. Libyan Denget, hit with one stick and one hand. Bandcamp Album of the Day Mar 8, Malmo, Sweden video, Tehla Berber music group from Nalut: A celebration of local Berber Tuareg culture.

Sabeiba Festival in Djanet, Algeria. Purchasable with gift card.

tarhanin tegla

Live at Lowlands video, video Tinariwen: For some reason the group joined a military training camp in Gaddafi’s Libya where they ended up being dragged into armed conflict.