If my understanding is correct, the only reason we’ve still yet to see the Metro club sequence is because of licensing issues with its soundtrack. David Campbell and Keith V like this. I think I remember it now The Hermit likes this. FredV , Sep 4, For those who’ve not yet seen it, here’s Selutron’s very rough proposed ending to Superman II, as pitched to WB a few years back:

superman ii the richard donner cut redux by booshman

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Superman II Directors Cut vs. Official version | Page 2 | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

I think I remember it now The Movie and Superman II – theatrical versions redjx both – just so perfectly captured the essence of that character, as did Chris Reeve’s magnificent performance, it’s any wonder every new television and film adaptation since still lives under the shadow of those two films I know these last two are serious long shots, but perhaps they could even finally get Bryan Singer to provide a commentary track for Superman Returns, and I’m sure plenty would be interested to see the mythical Zack Snyder cut of Justice League, even though I question the existence of this.

SondekOct 24, Keith V and David Campbell like this. David CampbellSep 5, Between the known and the unknown PhantomStranger and Graham like this.

Richard Donner Cut for me. However, this was later sorted out in time for the complete score – complete with contemporary music – to be released as part of a comprehensive boxed set via Film Score Monthly.


Goyer and Christopher Nolan would be great, though I’ve read that the latter doonner reluctant to offer such a feature on any of his work, preferring instead to keep moving forward.

Superman II Directors Cut vs. Official version

Which film su;erman that last scene from? I’ll always hate him going back to beat up the redneck in the diner. If anything, some might have kept off the Special Edition DVD and more recent Blu-ray due to concerns from WB or DC, since there was one implied action I can think of that may be a step too far in retrospect.

superman ii the richard donner cut redux by booshman

Luke The Drifter and Keith V like this. DudeOct 23, It would have made a lovely ending to II actually I’d even ditch Clark’s return to the diner for that ending! Keith VOct 23, Knottingley, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

I prefer the Donner cut but with mention above of the fan-made super cut, I’m going to look for that. Superman II Booshjan Cut vs. The Hermit likes this.

superman ii the richard donner cut redux by booshman

I was surprised when I saw the Donner cut how much of the campy humor was his-always assumed Lester was the culprit. ShardEnderOct 23, Steve Hoffman Music Forums.

That guy was absolutely the wrong choice to edit the STM edition and the cut of II bearing Donner’s name, although I can understand his presence was a way of getting Donner on board in the first place. Rick SanchezSep 4, ShardEnderUtherSolaris and 3 others like this.


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Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut Redux:

ShardEnderSep 4, I can still remember when the extended DVD arrived inthough none of the extra material really holds up – we might get to see Brando again in a short scene, but it’s mostly unnecessary to the overall story.

If only Stuart Baird had been available and willing to revisit the project, along with John Williams In terms of the other sequels, III has a longer TV version that remains my favourite, though I can appreciate that its extra scenes aren’t entirely necessary. ShardEnderSep 3, David Campbell and Keith V like this. There was a time when I’d have welcomed every last additional second of footage I could get my hands on, but I’ve since moved back to the opinion that the theatrical cuts of STM and II remain the best for very different reasons.