Mar 26, Rating: Our first stretch goal enables us to newly create an English version of the Wonderful Everyday artbook, and the second stretch goal would make possible the birth of a brand new story in the world of Wonderful Everyday. The protagonist, Minakami Yuki, lives a peaceful everyday life with Tsukasa and Kagami, her childhood friends, when one day she meets a mysterious girl, Takashima Zakuro a girl in another class in Yuki’s school, who seems to have met Yuki before but Yuki doesn’t remember her. I agree with the ending being anti-climatic, my hype and excitement pretty much peaked after My Own Invention, afterward, everything felt very normal in general. Like all titles we publish, the English release of Wonderful Everyday has gone through the full localization process of translation, editing, and QC. Ships to Anywhere in the world. Fuwanovel is just a listing site.

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[Review] Subarashiki Hibi – Furenzoku Sonzai

Wonderful Everyday [a] is a visual novel video game developed by KeroQ. This page was last edited on 19 Septemberat Reward Delivery Schedule Physical rewards will enter production after the BackerKit period for the campaign ends, in late September.

Sohzai 9 10 out of 10 screenshots. Tokyo, Japan Video Games. He speaks of an event he dubs “the Last Sky”, where the world will subarsahiki destroyed and reborn. Battered and worn, how many times has this doll fluttered downwards, released as an attempted offering to the sky?


Heroine set 1 includes a dakimakura cover, tapestry, and drink tumbler, all featuring Minakami Yuki, along with everything in the Picturesque Scenery tier!

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The game also made a good showing in the PC game rankings on Getchu. The story follows a group of several Tokyo high school students mostly through July of and each chapter is told from the perspective of one of its five main characters. Takashima Zakuro, Wakatsuki Kagami, and Wakatsuki Tsukasa, and our heroine Minakami Yuki set off on the search of that place where the points of the divine triangle cross, where world and sky join together.

One week before the world ends level of not good. Furenzoku Sonzai official home page, character profiles] in Japanese. Retrieved February 14, He speaks of an event he curenzoku “the Last Sky”, where the world will be destroyed and reborn.

The main purpose of this campaign is twofold: Or look up other posts from people who finished the game. It’s a way to bring creative projects to life. First half of the novel could be considered as masterpiece tragedy with potentially good endingsomehow similar to Fata Morgana. Heroine set 3 includes a dakimakura cover, tapestry, and drink tumbler, all featuring Tachibana Kimika, along with everything sinzai the Picturesque Scenery tier!

Grab the deluxe physical version of Wonderful Everyday at a special early fuernzoku discount! You are commenting using your Google account.

Heroine set 4 includes a dakimakura cover, tapestry, and drink tumbler, all featuring Mamiya Hasaki, along with everything in the Picturesque Scenery tier!


Subarashiki Hibi (Visual Novel) – TV Tropes

The chapters are of varying lengths and structure, but for the most part, they cover the month of July from a number of different perspectives. The next day, she learns that Takashima Zakuro has killed herself. Archived from the original on December 26, Subarashimi strange schoolmate Yuki just befriended moves into her house Yuki doesn’t mind too much about that.

The clock is ticking and more people die as the prophesied date draws closer and closer while Yuki attempts to get to the bottom of the identity of Mamiya Takuji, the Web Bot Project and the Hib Sky. Retrieved January 8, Wonderful Everyday contains many intertextual references to a variety of philosophical and literary works: Ships to Anywhere in the world.

Rumours in school are abuzz about predictions of the end of the world in – one of which is a Web site called the “Web Bot Project”, a network of crawlers designed to harness the ‘collective unconsciousness’ to make predictions. Check out the FAQ. Wonderful Everyday Cover art.

In addition to the previous tier, get the official Wonderful Everyday artbook!