Archives March February January A popular and awesome 64 bit texture pack that is not only constantly updated and has its own website,but it has full support for a ton of mods! Guest Mar 14 K. Occassionally a bossmode Plat Donor will also spool up a server for other Plat Donors and these are almost always hosted by a 3rd-party. Why don’t you just slap your little email in here so you can keep up with our latest adventures! Guest Jan 31 pay attention.

sphax purebdcraft voltz 1.4.7

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This tends to pose a problem when we’re recording in the same room if someone doesn’t have a mic with noise-cancelling.

Occassionally a bossmode Plat Donor will also spool up a server for other Plat Donors and these are almost always hosted by a 3rd-party. Guest Jan 1 i cant use it on tekkit?

sphax purebdcraft voltz 1.4.7

To make this easier on everyone,i will reupload it with an update and remove that double folder thing so that purebdvraft can just copy it straight to your texturepack folder. If you have a question that’s not on here send us a note in our Live Chat!

Recording Hardware We all record on Apple Macbook Pros and don’t right now use 11.4.7 other hardware or interfaces. We usually give Minecraft between GB of memory depending on how many mods are in the pack and what resolution texturepack we’re using. RedAlert3Modder Sep 28 I put purebdcrafft to the main site in the credits,their licensing allows you to distribute the texture pack so long as you link to their website.


Join us on Discord App using the following invite https: Minecraft Mojang AB Released This setup is expensive but the rotating system of drives means we don’t have to worry about people running out of HDD space on thier computer or not having a thumb drive big enough to transfer all 14.7 files.

sphax purebdcraft voltz 1.4.7

The bit just means the resolution it has, the bit can go up to which is more than any computer so whether you have 32bit or 64bit, it just depends on your ram how much your computer can handel. Guest Mar 14 K. Thanks for checking out our site! Guest Dec 31 can some one help me its just black and white default. Make sure to follow our blog and subscribe to our channel on YouTube to maximize the awesome and make sure you Stay Poised!

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Guest Jun 5 eed. What are your Computer Specs? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Archives March February January This entry was posted on January 20, by ingrimmm. Downloads 25, 1 purebdcraftt.

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All Voltz textures have been provided by their various authors, are being compiled by the community, and hosted by someone who is really cool: Notify me of new posts via purebdcrqft.

So play for purbedcraft hour, save to avoid crashing from huge file size which CS didn’t likewait 30 min ;urebdcraft Camtasia to finish, rinse and repeat. Many of our tutorials and videos are based on our adventures within whatever modpack we are playing at the moment but quite a number of them are ideas or requests directly from you, our subscribers and followers!


Guest Jan 18 This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view. Engine Lightweight Java Game Library. We upload to YouTube with a minimum quality of p.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Added Aug 28th, We’ll typically do this even when we’re all voltx the same room just because it’s easier to make sure everyone’s audio is being captured. Guest Feb 9 This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

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The basic idea is this, you need to take the two files and merge them into one so Minecraft knows how to load everything and make it look legit. For things votlz tutorial worlds we have a PC just because it wasn’t doing anything else that we use to host the servers on our home network.

RedAlert3Modder Sep 18 As of 1.