However taking into account its lack of options for remote log-files viewing we recommend it for all the groups of users, but as a tool for home monitoring. After installation is finished and reboot is made an average user doesn’t need to configure anything — just to read logs. Spector Pro — Editors Choice Just open your cell phone and pcTattletale. The only drawback is it is not a Remote keylogger. When you understand what employees are actually doing, you can increase the effectiveness of your management and the productivity of your team. This keylogger is no longer available.

spectorsoft spector pro

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Chin on PC Tattletale Blog. Your Stress Reducing your stress level… priceless. Founded inthe company was an early entrant in internet monitoring software.

Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state spectorsofh federal law. Sppectorsoft your email and make a password. The image below shows you how the video player works: Veriato will immediately send alerts based on customized triggers, letting you quickly investigate suspicious activities via video playback. Because we capture everything they are seeing on their screen even if it is in private browsing mode.


We make searching through hundreds of hours of video simple with the Smart Search feature. The software detects and alerts on anomalies related to insider threat behaviors. Check this box to confirm you are human.

spectorsoft spector pro

As for the screenshot-related features user can configure their quality, interval of making and whether to make them when user clicks the mouse button.

The reason is the company that makes it called SpectorSoft no longer makes the Spector Pro keylogger.

Spector Pro – SpectorSoft – What Really Happened to SpectorPRO? : PC Tattletale Blog

Retrieved January 15, They decided to focus solely on corporate solutions. Our software will track how long a program is open and more importantly, how long an employee is actively using it. The image below shows you how the video player pfo.

spectorsoft spector pro

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Spector Pro

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved July 31, Easy to use monitoring software with reach functionality. Spector Pro did a great job of this. Keep in mind you can have many computers and cell phones listed in your dashboard:.

Veriato [7] — a user activity monitoring solution enabling companies to retain, review, report and alert on employee activity. However Spector Pro loses lots of points on inability to view log files remotely and gets 69 out of points.


Retrieved September spectorsofg, You get this in addition to the powerful video recording capabilities of pcTattletale:. This page was last edited on 16 Augustat Spetcorsoft June 15, In this section Spector Pro is good at everything except the remote log delivery — they cannot be sent anywhere or viewed remotely.

User can also see the duration of the logged events and, of course, perform a search. This terrifying fact should alarm all companies, but small and mid-sized businesses are in greater peril from disgruntled employees because: Most schools use blocking and filtering solutions, which may block sites needed for research or not block new sites that have not yet been included in the filtering solution.

spectorsoft spector pro

Spector works with filters to provide an additional layer of protection, xpector also helps keep students on-task by providing teachers and technology coordinators with reports and charts that show what web sites students visit and how long they spent on each. Retrieved April 11,