Podcast – Apple Weekly Report There is extensive help via the Help menu and at the Matterform web site. We offer the greatest value when we can be involved in a company’s entire Line of Business, integrating and automating disparate business processes. After watching co-workers reinstall Windows, search for device drivers, and experience other horrors during the day, he’s glad that he comes home to a Mac compatible computer. This fixes a problem that could cause Spamfire not to re-enable the auto-filter schedule and other schedules after logging off from multiple email accounts.


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The negative comments regarding version 2. Count this long time user as leaving too.

Spamfire para Mac – Descargar

User reviews about Spamfire Review. Go to reviews We make successful businesses even more successful. This brings up a window where you can reset or prune your Spaamfire corpus. Diving deep into the VNET codebase, Antonio creates elegant solutions to all sorts of interesting problems.

Spamfire X

Sell Do small business owners ever really retire? They use many techniques to make sure that you receive their unwanted invitations. Another breach, another password Michael Herrick Tuesday, March 5, A reminder that re-using passwords on multiple services puts your company at risk. New Arrivals New and updated products added to the Guide.


Can someone confirm if Matterform Media is still in business?

We paid for this service but this company has let us down. It’s highly unprofessional to leave us all in limbo. When you receive spam is shows up here, not in your inbox. We apologize for the inconvenience. It’s a very heavily used program in United States. Resurrected the much-loved “Last mail check” status report, now shown, along with some other info, under the tool bar buttons. Spamire the importing of IMAP accounts, which wasn’t working properly.


spqmfire He lives with his family in downtown Albuquerque. Software Browse the software section for over 17, Macintosh applications and software titles. You’ll get your Mac news here from now on Sign in Create account.

This fixes a problem that could cause Spamfire not to re-enable spamflre auto-filter schedule and other schedules after logging off from multiple email accounts.

The paid filter subscription is still not working and Michael Herrick still has not provided any refunds.


Only after dealing with this inconvenience, can you rid your inbox of spam. If an error occurs in a mail check initiated by schedule or by email proxy, the error is logged but not shown in an error window.

Mailed Matterform two times, still no solution. Only shows error windows for mail checks that were initiated by the user. Pruning lets you remove unnecessary tokens from your Bayesian filter database. If you want to customize Spamfire less spam will get through.


Does not currently work with AOL or Web-only email accounts. Fixed problem with unnecessary timeouts when downloading large messages.

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Fixed bug that caused marking a message as good to set the on-server flag when that was not appropriate. Occasional pruning can improve accuracy and speed.


Michael is a staunch believer in helping small businesses achieve their best.