Productionwise, and in terms of the carefully modulated ragefulness, this stuff holds its own next to the American noise it seeks to emulate. On the face of it, there shouldn’t be much difference between this and their previous album reviewed above: I’m entirely not sure what to make of this one This album is continually surprising and compelling The vocal arrangements are thankfully!

som livre pagode eternamente

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Recordings ” Black Round Records, This digital-only release which may or may not exist in a year’s time — oh, how I hate “the cloud”!

Olá, seja bem-vindo!

Retro fans pay heed: This multi-platinum group recorded several albums, the first three of which featured future pop star Patricia Marxwho was with the group from This album is continually surprising and compelling I’m entirely not sure what to make of this one Also, they backed samba singer Jair Rodrigues on some of his early records.

E Seus Parceiros” Revivendo, The lite jazz arrangements and super-smooth, old-fashioned four-part vocals are a little too gooey for me, but if you like the Quarteto Em Cy or MPB4, this modern quartet might catch your fancy Although the reissue liner notes proclaim this to be one of the most important albums to come out on RCA-Brasil, it’s a bit difficult to see why that would be so.

What sometimes kills the mood, though, is the plunky piano — it’s just a little too brusque and devil-may-care for my tastes. All in all, an impressive, wacked-out record by a capable psych-rock band — worth tracking down, if you’re feeling all “Nuggets”-y.


som livre pagode eternamente

Productionwise, and in terms of the carefully modulated ragefulness, this stuff holds its own next to the American noise it seeks to emulate. Meirelles and Paulo Moura. Tihuana “Tihuana” EMI, Trio “Ao Vivo: Carloinhos skm a little lost in the mix, at least his former trademark Afro-Brazilian percussion is hardly as prominent as on other albums.

Artistas com a letra E – VAGALUME

These tunes mostly have fairly standard arrangements, although on a few songs the female part drifts into a high-pitched, Yma Sumac-y trill which you may find a bit irritating. Enough about him, though Definitely an album worth tracking down!

som livre pagode eternamente

This is sappy, but pleasant samba-pop from a Bahian duo who also had success as songwriters. Again, an all-star, heavy-hitter lineup, with flautist Altamiro Carrilho, Raul de Souza on trombone, Edison Machado on drums, guitarist Baden Powell playing electric, early in his careerand Sivuca on accordion, among others. Pop-soul star Wilson Simonal also appears on this album; Nonato Buzar also produced singles featuring Regininha, though this may have been the only full album she appeared on Trio Parada Dura “Raizes Sertanejas, v.

Joe Sixpack’s Brazilian Music Guide – Miscellaneous Albums, Letter “T” (Page 3)

At best, erernamente still sound Beastie Boys-ish, although I suppose Linkin Park might be a better comparison Mostly though, eternamwnte is nice old stuff. If I had to characterize it, I’d say this sounds more like an Arnaldo Antunes album than anything else, with its off-kilter sensibility and unhurried pace.


And check out their other album, which featured guitarist Baden Powell, playing electric, early in his career! This is okay, though comparatively staid.

Anyone know who was in this group? They later released an album under the name of Quinteto Ternura.

Thus endeth this history lesson. Worth checking out, if you go for that etetnamente of thing. It’s a remarkably gentle, dreamy album, with an interesting blend of voices and styles. Other than the swank, Dick Farney-esque vocals by bassist Cacho, there isn’t much to distinguish this group from the whole host of similar-minded would-be jazzcats that swarmed about in the wake of the bossa nova revolution.

som livre pagode eternamente

A bit modern and glossy in places, but mostly solid and enjoyable. It’s worth noting, though, that percussionist Dom Um Romao performs on about half these tracks, and you can tell when it’s him playing, as the ehernamente of technical competence jumps dramatically.

Certainly worth a spin if you like the mellower stuff