Each and every detail has separate frame which makes it easy to find what you want. Youtube – Olivier Gany. The system details provided to you are well embarked with suitable fonts. Post your work-in-progress and completed skins to share and discuss. Rainmeter skins are an awesome way to make your desktop a bit more entertaining. Adding to it, users will be able to view the RAM usage, Wifi connectivity, time, and date, and other shortcuts for your folders and drives.

skin for rainmeter-enigma

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Toting a plethora of configurable modules that all animate and glow in neon blue color, Neon Space completely transforms your desktop to resemble something like the HUD of a rainmeter-wnigma alien spaceship. The Calendar skin now allows you to show holidays and events from any number of event files.

20 Gorgeous Rainmeter Skins

It can be easily customized as well. You will not get bored with it so easily. The style of this skin is very unique and attractive. This is where applications like Rainmeter come into play, and as seen above, there are plenty of ways it can help you jazz up your regular Windows Desktop. In addition, the Google Calendar skins now have the option of automatically writing your next few appointments to an event file, so you can see your day’s agenda as a tooltip in Calendar.

skin for rainmeter-enigma

So you must try every skin or may be change these skins every month an enjoy the new appearnce of your laptopn. If you are looking for something more sophisticated and simple, then this is for you. It works the best with the wallpaper of Aliens. The design consists of animation and some glow to it, on the blue backdrop.


You can add widgets of various types to display the info about battery, CPU usage, date and time, Wi-Fi, and more.

skin for rainmeter-enigma

It really is that damn good. All of its sub-modules are highly configurable, and can be individually re-arranged.

20 Amazing Rainmeter Skins Will Regret Not Seeing

You also get 3D icons for programs and power functions at the bottom, with a visualizer-like background. Insane Battery Life, Impressive Performance 8. Customising this skin is very easy, you can easily reposition the elements oh it according to your preference.

Adding to it, users will be able to view the RAM usage, Wifi connectivity, time, and date, and other shortcuts for your folders and drives. On the urging of many users, I’ve restored the traditional variants behavior, so instead of figuring out how to double-click on the right spot, you can just right-click and select a variant like you did before. ABP rainmeter is not my preferred look for my desktop. It showcases fir details like calendar, temperature of your locality, news story columns, date and time, usage of CPU and RAM, weather forecast, shortcuts to mails, documents, pictures, music, videos, and some other applications.

It looks really nice!


20 Amazing Rainmeter Skins Will Regret Not Seeing

The included modules can be used to display current Date and Time, Recycle Bin status, as well as the current Temperature, and there are multiple variants available for all three. Apart from this, there are also shortcuts to system folders e. This skin is not as sharp as a razor, In fact its design is very transparent with some glass frame effects. It is more or less like a launcher. Updates Whew, where to begin.

skin for rainmeter-enigma

Each skin supports up to 8 tabs. Softwares Top Reviews Website reviews. Saturday, September 28, Among many other things, he’s contributed his latest features from LuaCalendarand he’s tightened up some of my code considerably. All these skins are pretty amazing.

On mouseover it will show the name of the image preceeded by. I’ve changed the rotating Reader and Notes skins to make it extremely easy to add new tabs.

But despite being basic and having only the essential information displaying sub-modules, Simple Media looks pretty great, thanks to a great looking font and a design that rainmeter-dnigma well on almost all kinds of desktops, regardless of resolution.