See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus. Wanting a fair chance, because you got dumped by the guy Jae Hee. Jae-hee fights tears as she packs her things. Did she find their school so laughable that she thought that she could just waltz in here? I wish there was a guy like that for me!! Even though Makita didn’t believe it at first, the fact that Mizuki was in a boys’ school showed that she’s a boy even though we know better. I’ve never been annoyed by Jae Hee like lots of people but if she didn’t come back and tell him in person like he deserved, I woulda been so pissed.

The Japanese version shows us the doctor more often. John Kim confirmed to her that the boy is indeed a girl. Sano tells her later that he is afraid to return to the field; she says he should go at his own pace, as long as he doesn’t give up. Only saw like 2: But seems like the scene failed to elicit emotion from me. I can not say, what, but I missed it.

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Sekime couldn’t really take the long distance running even though he’d passion in it. It is hard to gain trust from unknown strangers unless you prove yourself in a hard way. What can l say, its kdrama. I was so surprised sinpsis how sad I was for this show to end.


I don’t know, but he’s it.

He slaps on vsrsi pained smile to hide his rejection and silently pats Jae-hee on the head. Nay Jack October 6, at Gahhhh just how long do I have to wait for the next episode to see 1. In this ep, other than our sad Eun Gyul’s story, the confession by Jae Hee to Tae Joon is something that been waiting for.

The Dramatards

Jae Hee’s close friend John – Loved his character, handsome and rational guy. Totally prefer the Korean version, although agree that they could have made things clearer Word about Jae-hee spreads quickly through campus.

Eun Gyul is by far my favorite character. I had one doc wondering what the heck was on my desktop background Boys Before Flowers at that time and now everyone comes by to see what I’ll have next today Iljimae was replaced by Hello Baby because I needed some Yoogeunnie sweetness.

Everything is so bright and glossy it looks edible.

Personally, I enjoyed ttby but that doesn’t mean it was a show meant for everyone. Just before she gets on the bus, she turns to embrace him. Jae-hee notices the students leer in her direction, at which point Eun-gyul appears to wordlessly take her by the hand? I’m not sure what was lacking And the idols wins.


Overall this drama disappointed me. The only adults who found out inexplicably decided to do nothing. Seung-ri steps outside with Eun-gyul and is boiling mad — who else knows about Jae-hee? I enjoy this show.

Hyun Woo – Awesome and likeable. There are many differences from the manga and drama. This was another first drama for me, my very first Taiwanese drama. I am determined to put some stuff up on my FB group. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Her curiosity is further piqued when she sees Tae-joon paying particular attention to Jae-hee kiki practice….

Thank you for the recaps.

But can we call that a kiss. I must have been too greedy. One day during a friendly soccer match, Rui Xi is knocked unconscious by Xiu Yi.

Tae-joon looks back at her for a moment and then pulls her into a hug. It was pleasant but no comparison to the original. I also thought that the korean remake is poor. Sano overhears them arguing and learns that Mizuki is a girl, as well as her involvement in his injury.