He says let’s hugs after so she pretends she doesn’t as it and says why do you think you’re like this – it’s yucky. Brothers go to a singing room. SY says she didnt need to come. At that time I will confidently propose back. SY says she asked the writer she knew to acquire it but it will take the time. Thanks to your whole effort, we were capable to spread this love for OB to share with everyone.

J and TH say yes although J says it loudly. TH and J go on their honeymoon to some resort and TH says it’s nice. He says cuz she’s someone close to his or her heart always, he often forgets. TH asks when KJ is finding their way back again. TS asks if they should drink again. Mom tells her not to cry -you are going to meet him again so why cry. Ever since then you have become so important in her life that her own little aunt took a backseat back. MS, and J avert their eyes.

TB says what difference can there be if they accept or maybe not since it’s already been xrama and paid regarding. KJ takes his hands and says: JE ah I am so glad you might be my daughter within law. Views Read Edit View history.

SINOPSIS Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 1 – 58 Episode Terakhir | Artis Korea

SY says cha gom wanted to eat the grandmother’s food a lot. TH makes a face and agrees but looks disappointed. TP is alone with the river and Y goes and meets him. Mom goes and turns the water korez and smiles.


SINOPSIS Ojakgyo Brothers Episode 1 – 58 Episode Terakhir

I can’t commence to express my gratitude back for all your 6-pack abs and dedication to some sort of stranger who always bugged you every weekend.

TP says you came sister in law familj SY. Top banget deh buat Ibu!

MS starts to chop and prepare and cook. TB asks if Y told him to do that. To Fanderay my own co-blogger, thank you for anyone your time making kora posting hundreds of lovely screenshots- none of my recaps would have been complete without all of them. No need to support back. Everyone in the Hwang family is unhappy with the news that even Bok-ja stole Ja-eun’s contract and throws Ja-eun out of the house.

If I went via all that for dramas that were not even that much time, I drxma imagine the withdrawal i am going to go through with OB since it is so close in order to my heart. Sebuah ladang dengan peternakan bebek.

SY is actually cooking and cant actually eat it cuz the idea doesn’t taste good. However, Chang-shik and Bok-ja really love him as a son that Tae-hee also regards them and their real sons as family.

See templates for discussion ojakgyk help reach a consensus. TH ya — my own baby that grew way up so well. His married life is often filled with trivial arguments and problems. He says he is going to put J on the phone but the mom says there is no need to put her around the phone, GM is asleep so there is absolutely no need to call all over again.


He says she vamily but she says he did cuz they are sons. MS hears that and feels sad. Thank you for all those your support and love for OB on the past 7months.

Daftar Sinopsis Drama Korea: Ojakgyo Brothers (Final)

He says let’s live in your dad meaning he wants to care for her dad J: You always made time being my personal Korean to English dictionary for words that i was stuck on so many thanks for saving my sanity on nights i used to be so curious about a new word that baffled my family. Thank you for all of your effort — Ojajgyo really appreciated each and every one.

Please don’t be the stranger and hope to view you guys here again. TP wants to leave. KJ asks how your lady came cuz he thought she wouldn’t be capable to come.

Even when you was under the weather or on your trip in Europe, somehow you managed to find internet connection just for folks. TH tells mother over the phone they ate and came back to the room.