Had Arang ever mentioned that she didn’t recognize her fiance. Suddenly they crash through his doors and land in a tussle outside, and it wakes Arang. First his hair is mostly down when he’s being the carefree god. But, when you think about it, a Gumiho eats the liver of their lover. Who needs moonlight walks?! I used to wonder why the gods have to fashion a new body for Arang when she has a perfectly fine one remember her unrotting corpse? After being cleaned up and treated by the doc, Eun-oh wakes up painfully in bed.

Plus that this “I was sleeping but you forced me to wake up” is spoken out loud by our both leads. I loved that scene,” Oh I’m just sharing my breath. Maybe it will be ome standard usage. I feel like she will eat him or something lol. But then he remembers the shaman, which brings a blush to his face and a fresh bout of mortification at his wayward thumb for brushing her lip. I am so loving the weird love story happening between Dol Swe and Bang Wool! She’s not making light of him wanting to find his mother–because that’s not the issue they are fighting about.

Mac September 25, at 8: I hate that she’s unwittingly being used as bait—it’s one thing if you know and volunteer, but it’s completely different when you don’t know to protect yourself extra carefully. I can’t wait to see it with subs. It will crushed him for sure.

It also looks like they’re back into action as the badass duo, fight off enemies and being cute and protective while they’re at it. But what’s more puzzling to me is – it’s like the living human hardly eats. Since Choi thinks he knows Eun Oh secret about his background, he thinks he has the upper hand.

Why is it that nobody seems to remember Lee Seo Rim, the girl she was? Please enter your username or email address. Is Mom out to destroy the gods, or to unleash anarchy on the world? I’m wondering as well just how many girls did he truly murder? Compare JW’s flashback and the high shaman now.


It’s the Song of the Day too! MY is confused about his feelings, so the tea doesn’t have a definite taste.

Im as mother has read your previous comment regarding this issues mother-son. Mom, it will be easier for him to “battle” or “destroy” her if she is no longer the mom eipsode was, if her soul is gone.

SINOPSIS Arang and the Magistrate Episode 1-20 Episode Terakhir

About the three-months thing I like DW and shaman’s relationship. Cannot wait to watch this epi. She hears his name, and clutches her heart. However, he changes his mind after seeing that Arang somehow has a distinctive hairpin that he gave his mother at their last meeting. She’s hurt that he’s kept info from her, but she’s also hurt that when she challenges him about whether or not he’d miss anything if she were gone–namely her for her. Felt really sad for Eun-oh.

Sinopsis ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ All Episodes – Korean Drama Sinopsis Indonesia

The excuses that she is a new-born soul or that she is grasping for life No — what he told her was grabbing her hand and dragging her away, all man-cave-like and all “we better get home now — it’s getting veerrrry late” Love to see the messy love triangle develop although Joo Wal is just as creepy as his demon mom. He aramg wanted a “normal” life with good old mom.

That means whether they live or die, they can still be together here or there. I mean, she left the poor boy dead outside on the ground! And Bang-wool opens her sknopsis to find that Arang jumped in front of her, and got slashed in the throat in her place. I actually liked the ending. Maybe his sickness is the raang Except for evil mom. I can understand why Arang found not one ghost — Mom is so scary even ghosts refuse to live there, like the abandoned shack.


Ghost-whispering Eun-Ho would be the hunter to hunt down evil aran. Please enter your username or email address.

If he could mouth that off, what’s with “Joo Wal was Lee Seo Rim’s fiancee — better have a talk with him. We hv so many questions!! The “mom” seems to be some kind of shell for something freakier than Friday. So many little breadcrumbs. More kissing and squee moments! It’s great and unique – and doesn’t rush things too much since it has 20 eps.

Is the subber you’re talking about dramaok? I’m not currently watching this drama but glancing at the recaps now and then. So yeah she probably was taking out her hurt on Eun-oh using the mommy excuse again, but eoisode isn’t the first time this couple has lashed out at each other saying all the wrong things.

Minea September 20, at Thanks magistratf the recap as always! Agree with everything except Arang being able revive her own body because of soul sealed inside.

Probably the evil spirit needs to change into a new shell every leap year to continue living in the human world. I love the oxymoron of: It was when they met Arang as she was looking at the talisman.

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Him just standing there in that costume is enough for me to drown in attraction. Now I want a Mr. I was slightly disappointed with the pace of the past few episodes and was chomping at the bit for them to do some mystery magietrate and to form a sort of scooby-gang with Eun-oh, Arang, and Bang-wool