Time of Dog and Wolf has dynamic plot, acting and directing. Yoon-kang glares at him, looking thoroughly irate—and then suddenly bursts into laughter. Nan docheul ollyeo kkeutkkaji barame nal sitgo oh Geochireojin sumyeonui yodongeul jaewo. No one can express pain as good as junki. Usually it’s the taking off of the clothes that has that effect, right? Romance, Historical, Fantasy Episodes: Thank you so much for the recap:

I’m really loving this show! Javabeans, thx a lot for the recaps! X3 Museowo malgo let out the beast! I hope this new drama who is so much reminding me of their earlier drama will not disappoint by giving new things to look forward. Soo-in grabs her purchase and follows him out. Maen cheoeum ne kkum, ne mal, geu singgeureopdeon yeoreum Tto cheongugui namjjok boda challanhaetdeon Yes, you are my baby baby baby, baby baby baby. No one can express pain as good as junki. The setup was quite perfect for me..

It’s not possible to get enough of this drama! Uriga still in control eumageun jungdogi doego Teok kkeute goin ttambangulkkaji neon nuneul ttel su eobseo. Lee Hi bergabung dengan agensi YG Ent pada Seeing Yoon-kang grab his rifle, Sohn turns around again and darts off in yet another direction. What in the heck. I’m completely hooked now. Choi Won-shin instructs him to take their trainees and lay a trap. So far these father characters have been great.

They surmise that these meetings could be a cover for the king plotting something in secret, and that Interpreter Jung may be more of a co-conspirator than mere interpreter, given his support of Kaehwa scholars in the past. It’s a bit sad that Soo-In didn’t really move on. The two men engage in a rather bumbling fight that ends badly for Sang-chu, and he loses Sohn in the process.


Thanks a lot for this recap.

I’m glad we got some depth to HyeWon. LJK’s acting always amuses me. Episode 6 by Helcat. Walaupun sudah menjadi idola Lee Hi masih sering pergi ke sekolah naik bis. He snaps at Choi to get to the point, interrupts his pleasantries, and sneers at Choi for bribing someone for information about his arrival.

The aegyo part in the first few episodes is essential to her character- how she was naive and curious about the world like a child, and how she’d change after what happened with YoonKang etc. Junki expressive eyes no one can beat him. Soo-in cheers up in gratitude, and Hye-won asks kaforama a favor in return. The painnnn, you can just feel it through his gaze. Unarmed, Moo-deok decides to beat a hasty retreat and rides off.

Instead, Yoon-kang orders him to convey a message to his boss: Claim or contact us about this channel. I didn’t expect it to be so soon so it was a pleasant surprise.

He swears that all he did was follow orders and begs for mercy. Download Music Video File: I wonder how long it’ll take for her to realize the truth. Thank you so much for the recap: I tried to reprogram my memories with a new ending that I would like better, but it didn’t work out well.

I wish JH had realized who it was, but I hope he will learn soon. Kaorama love LJK’s stare.

Sinopsis Drama dan Film Korea: Oyasuminasai

Although I’m sure he’ll episove knowing what she’s talking about haha, but that’s part of the fun. I’ve had my qualms about Nam Sang Mi in the first two episodes I too love how it is being used in “creative fighting” ways, balancing the old way of the sword with the the new way of the gun.


He is a great actor, one who can shine in any type of role whether it be an action, cute, funny, serious, or tragedy role. I hope the ratings would continue to rise as it gets more exciting.

Sinopsis ‘Dong Yi’ All Episodes

Liking that lovers theme song. Heavy words for Yoon-kang to overhear.

You WILL want to throw things at him on a regular basis, but only because the show draws you in that much. Officer Moon explains that King Gojong called him back to the city to reopen dohg gunman case in secret. Yaksokhae geudaedo naman bomyeo Naman saranghae. I didn’t like how they ended Iljimae, either!

The new arrival looks familiar…. Reminds me of her queenly air in her last sageuk. I hope that changes because I’ve been waiting for a good saeguk. He mobilizes his two key assassins the gunmen from beforeand we see that Choi is cultivating a small army of gunmen and training them up in the mountains.

Jan-yi asks if nothing interests her aside from the camera, because she used to be full of interest in the world and new ideas. This is just until they find a new technician.

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Aw, is it best friend Jung-hoon? Everyone seems to like him but me. Siljaehagin haneun geonji hyeonsilgwaneun dongtteoreojin Kkumgwa isang sogeul hemaego inna.