Secrets have ways of finding their way out into the open. If she chooses not to, does it benefit SJ? Se-kyung finds that the USB contains the videos he took of him talking to his father when he declared revenge, and talking to Yoon-joo about his mental breakdown in Paris. Seung-jo worries that this might distance the both of them again by status, but she appreciates his gesture. Yoon-joo returns home, and Se-kyung leaves the apartment complex — only to bump into Seung-jo waiting for her outside. Also I write a lot too but this drama kind of asks for it! It may be devastating for him – but it may also be the trigger that forces him to grow.

He just warns that marriage is serious business — look at the other company presidents who had daughters-in-law from a poor background. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Download drama korea terbaru, download drama korea terbaru , download drama korea terbaru sub indo, download drama korea terbaru , d Your email address will not be published. He is a big boy. YJ is a person who doesn’t really believe in love in a sense that love is something that makes people really forgive each other and hold on to each other. SK was right when she said that to Tommy.

He should have listened Why did she ever make those angry bunnies ;.

He does not yet get it that being a couple means taking life-relevant decisions together. She admits it was scary — and immediately he blames himself for having started off with the grand gesture of going to Paris.

Even a genius inventor has to have that first wealthy patron. I think it’s very likely that after the truth will be told no matter who and when tells itthe relationship will end or won’t be the same.

But wait, did YJ get that much money from daddy Cha? And the last scene too where he triumphantly introduces Se Kyung to everyone was far from romantic to me – she seems more like a tool here for him to use.

Excited as they are, Deuk-gi warns Se-jin and the mother to not say anything to Se-kyung until she mentions it first. Saboriana January 8, at 3: I hope Yoon-joo will also get a good redemption-moment. I think screwing up In-hwa’s marriage plans is an added bonus, but not her main motivation.

Il-nam chooses to think over it rather than move forward. I view this complitely differently. But, in this situation, waiting for “preparation” is probably one of the worst decisions – the longer you delay the truth, the more evil you will look in the “saved”person eyes.


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I really like the fact that this show does not try to show us the so call idealist, innocent, pure, self-scarifying version of love, instead so allice we have seen Ugly love, Selfish love, childish love, Rich love, Reality love and Self-love, maybe love is a little multi-faced. But he gave that up in order to exact his carefully planned revenge. Laurita January 8, at And you can see how desperately Daddy Cha wants a relationship with his son, even to the point of asking advice of Se Kyung’s father.

I liked her character and her journey into the realm of CDD. Although SJ may want to still be in the industry just so he could work with SK everyday. It’s not hard to feel so, when flawless beauty standarts are “in your face” all the time. Plus I remember the characters description and there said he will marry SK just to get revenge on his father again And what do you want to bet that he has it hidden away just cheongdwmdong SK’s dad.

PATRARUSH drama korea: Suzy Miss A : In the Past

And finally, Se-kyung arrives. The others have huddled up inside the car watching him be a stubborn-butt all by himself in the cold and introduce themselves to each other. It is clever of him to drop that “bomb” on all of them which is “in your face” but also showed a another side of his character – that he is shrewd and manipulative and knows exactly what the other parties are thinking.

She was not totally euphoric when she accepted SJ, after hearing his confession of what he has done, because she has to rethink and will continue to agonize over her own secret which she has yet to divulge. Yep, his statement there at the end left kind of a bad taste in my mouth. I love this drama, sinopsiz just a lot to learn here. I kinda do and don’t want Sk to tell SJ the truth cos YJ’s right he probs is gona break down and never be able to trust any girl again, i mean if that happened to me twice in cheoongdamdong row but with guys I totally would lose trust in the male population.

That leg up maybe could have happened anyway, maybe not, since we are to presume that SJ is talented artist. I agree with you on that!


At least Seung-jo joins him for dinner after that awkward invitation. I have said this from begining that the writers are doing a good job regarding characterization as there are no perfect people in this drama! Could it also be just a pretend-falling-in-love chengdamdong her so he can pull her away from Seung Jo and continue the In Hwa-Seung Jo matchmaking deal? But, he definitely has the talent and knowledge in business too.

But I think we are watching 2 immature jerks in love. SJ threw SK out to the shark there at the end, and now he needs to prove his sincerity, show his “responsibility” towards her, his love to her, and figure out a way to actually protect her.

When she was too skinny people said her to gain some weight. Arawn January 8, at 6: Without trust, love disappears. To confess or not 110 confess. But that doesn’t negate the wrongs SJ committed and YJ has partarush the right to point out them. I don’t know this drama is really tricky in that it’s not as predictable. I cannot condemn either for their past and present actions, as my heart goes out to both. So from hereon I see two ways to go: I like your reasoning as to why Daddy Cha was the one who bought Seung Jo’s painting.

YJ kicked SJ to the ground and is now expecting somebody else to clean the mess. He is a big boy. Actually, that would make sense, since there is obviously something going on with his mother, seeing as she’s been mentioned several times.

Of course, if it wasn’t the father who bought the the painting, and it was some Super Genius Art Guy instead doesn’t matter too much.

A human is NOT an island.

patrarsh My sense is that Yoon-joo genuinely feels he’s not strong enough. Both SJ and SK are black and both of their secrets are bad. He used Yoon-joo as a way to one-up his father and prove that he could live differently. Yes, it’ll take you so far, but everyone needs a little help from someone a little higher up the food chain.