Something something a metaphor for life on social media something something. The point is, we’re waaaaay past the point where any of this scale is actually necessary, and the other players on the server are pointing this out to us when visiting our vast facilities and the giant holes that our quarries rip into the landscape. Has there ever been a study of the gamification of city building? It is crowded and ugly. I prefer it to Cities:

simcity 3000 magnasanti

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CS was built on the Skmcity Engine, which is popular in part because you can get quite far with poorly optimized code. I is our hope in real life city planning. The destruction is always darkly entertaining. It’s best looked at as more of a “city painter” than something which is going to be challenging to build a large, successful city in.

3 – Cities & Maps – Simtropolis

Obour on Garfunkel and Oates Sicity. But still, how do you “create children”? Eventually, some subculture will reproduce at a higher rate than the predominant culture and gradually become the predominant culture. Clearly didn’t want to continue in academia, but there seems to be no middle ground yet, apart from landing a job at Google or the like. The Largest and Mo….


Magnasanti: the totalitarian city that wins over Sim City – Hans K.C.’s Journal

Skylines but it’s extremely buggy and you’ll probably face a ton of crashes and lose data in the process. They have all been successfully dumbed down, sickened with poor health, enslaved and mind-controlled just enough to keep this system going for thousands of years. This picture may appear to be a collection of color fields without meaning or purpose, but there is a ton of math and evil genius behind this image. And Mormons, while they have a bunch of kids, are still a very small portion of the overall population.

And for some sort of reason, we slipped into a competition over who can mine the most resources. This strikes me as the perfect game for a browser based multi-player ecosystem.

Magnasanti: The Largest and Most Terrifying SimCity

One challenge would be to establish proper collaborations, because working with other people feels very pleasant and rewarding to me. May 24, at Yes, it’s mentioned in the video mentioned in the article. Similarly, [in the real world] if we make magnaasanti profits as the absolute objective, we fail to take into consideration the social and environmental consequences.

Either way I’d play that game. Every person living in Magnasanti spends his life working and residing in one small, massively efficient block of space, until death around age And all that by just playing the game like it’s intended mostlyno modding at all, just working with what’s there and trying to min-max the given systems. It’s what I always wanted SimCity to be.


One of the win conditions magnaasanti to research all the way into the information era, and build a spaceship that goes to Alpha Centauri. Register a New Account. Working from home, of course!

simcity 3000 magnasanti

I used to have so much fun with SimCity and it’s money cheat, building ridiculous cities. It’s part of a trilogy, and Philip Glass did the score for all three. So naturally the Church of Pacmania generate a lot of traffic, magnasznti attract and feed the PacBots.

Or rather the results thereof? Someone offered me a tailor, then cocaine. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

You can’t beat an unwinnable game, but you can break it

Is this even urbanism? The guy just exploited something that was already there.

simcity 3000 magnasanti

But from an “artsy” point of view, this is so much more, it’s actually saying something.