Wait, what am I talking about? Expect more smexy dummy head mic action with the latest sleepy boyfriend cd release! The earth that welcomed him was warm with the light of the sun, and there was a gentle scent around him. After his long, long journey, the dandelion found a place he could rest his heart on. One warm day, the strongest spring breeze of the year came and the seeds left behind waiting all flew into the sky. Alarm clock settings 2. You really are skilled at this huh?

shukan soine vol 13

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We are continuing thisne?

Shukan soine vol 13 Masya part 2 BLCD – manga – DramaCD – Dailymotion Video

However, I want to say oooone last thing before I get to working on my essays. Let me see your cute sleeping face… 3. In the original cd, we appeared one by one, right? Akihito daki is nice!

He sounds like he’s whispering right at your ear! If it can be heard, we are sorry. Well then, let me tell you the reason. There are also ssoine that they wanted to become the dummy mic… Both laughs Tachibana: There was even tons of sunlight and water, and the earth supporting him was so warm that it gives him such a nice feeling.


He look so smexy over there!!!! To the Android fans: In this special chapter, Masaya is your husband.

Shukan soine vol 13 Masya part 2 BLCD – manga – DramaCD

If I keep quiet at this kind of situation, I am not an adult. Something which will make you more awake? Tachi – Really… Hirarin – Thank you! And also up for preorder, a matching hugging pillow cover available for many nights of blissful sleep! This is the one I taught you last night, the way to chase away your sadness.

Comes with a special illustrated bromide. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. High school teacher Japanese language Chara setting: Shukan Soine 11 Translation.

shukan soine vol 13

One warm day, the strongest spring breeze of the year came and the seeds left behind waiting all shukqn into the sky. If I remember correctly, guys in all the previous releases are your boyfriends. Hey, cover yourself in blanket properly. God, this is why you’re never going to find a boyfriend.


CD: Shukan Soine series vol.13 Special Chapter Masaya (BlackButterfly, Morikawa Toshiyuki)

Midorikawa Hikaru drama cd shukan soine soime Yoh Tomoe marth. Looking for what the problem was, the seed was surprised. Did you bring it here so we can take a look together?

When he raised his face, he saw the wide, unchanging sky extending before him. Just like that, he slowly touched down on the ground. You’ve got to stop listening to these stuff and get rid of all your anime and stop buying manga What is there a picture that caught your interest?

shukan soine vol 13

Hopefully next update will make it easier. I will also sleep together! Where are you going?