This is what it says now: Dear Winamp fans, As you might have heard, Winamp recently changed ownership. Please take a minute to review the new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Depending on your ISP upload speed you will need to adjust your maxlisteners from 32 to what you can support. How to broadcast and with what program?

shoutcast source dsp v1.8.2b

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I did that and put the song in playlist. How to broadcast and with what program?

When i click the connect button it says “Connecting” then it says “Not Connected”. Press once on MMS and then “Configure” that is under the tabulatechoose the option Autodetect it’s the first choice shoutcasr confirm in the all the windows press OK.

Does this look right: Now the broadcast window will open.

FREE shoutcast FREE radio Station – Support

Each Thursday a new show on Celtica Radio with Darkwave music. Please change the broadcast speed quality to the suggested one that isn’t more than 64kbps in fast servers. Go back to the DSP and connect.


Let’s start inputing the server details, for that go to Output tab. If “loading” or “ready” appears but the player won’t play this is what you do:.

shoutcast source dsp v1.8.2b

In the “Port” field write the port of your radios’ server, that you received from the site. Find More Posts by Bidybag.

Broadcasting to the CyberTeams Audio Server

Do not turn it down from the volume control in windows. Press here to download the plug-in and start the shoutcats installation. You cannot connect to the sites’ servers with an external program!!! What is your log telling you now?

shoutcast source dsp v1.8.2b

The quality of the broadcast that is suggested in fast internet servers is not more than 64kbps. Just a few housekeeping tips. Now, download the plug-in for broadcast through Winamp program.

Encoder 1 Encoder settings: I forgot my usernames’ password Answer: I get kb upload speed. In that window you’ll need to input a few details about your server host. We want the site to grow and improve it, that’s why we need to make money to invest in servers that cost alot, therefore we have no choice but to make the listeners watch commercials while they are listening to a radio.


This is what it says now: Please take a minute to review the shoutvast Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. COM does not take responsibility for any broadcasts. Refresh the page F5 and the player will connect to the radio. Do you have msn, aim, yahoo or icq where you can help me?

Every user broadcaster and listener must agree to these terms, if v18.2b do not agree please disconnect from this site immediately.

Impossible to close the SHOUTcast Source Window

I went to Encoder tab and it has: The site benefits from commercials, so if you listen to a radio without viewing commercials bannersthe site won’t benefit and site’s close when they make no profit. Eminem Station ; icy-genre: You can also see the number of listeners on the main page of the site.

shoutcast source dsp v1.8.2b

Looks good here, just start streaming something.